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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Repetitive Thoughts

One thing that I think often is, “how do I stop the thoughts!”  What happens when you have repetitive thoughts that are focused on something that doesn’t serve your highest good? You don’t need an expert to tell you what could potentially happen when you have continuous repetitive thoughts.  These thoughts can lead us to do horrible things to ourselves and to others that can be emotionally, physically and spiritually abusive.

STOP IT YOU..!! Breathe..

Mindfulness skills teach you how to raise your consciousness and reduce negative emotion.  Mindfulness skills consist of three areas: awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance.  First of all be aware that you are obsessively thinking about a thought (like the way I just did above). Second is to acknowledge the main reason behind why you are thinking those thoughts, identify that reason within you. Look this part is easy, we don’t have to tell anyone why we are thinking a particular thought, so there is no one to judge. Just be honest with yourself and forgive yourself (in case the reason behind what you are feeling is a negative one). Which leads us to the third skill which is acceptance. Accept that what you are thinking is bringing your down, chuck it aside and move on. Ah, its not that easy, is it? Yes, it isn’t. Fight the negative thought every time it arises in your brain. Don’t feel guilty, tell you mind that you have forgiven yourself and that this thought no longer can pull you down.

Let it..Don’t let it hold you back anymore.






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  1. Once again, you read my mind!! Repetetive negative thoughts form bad habits. My great grandmother, had a farm all her life. She always said that if you plant a habit, you yield your character. Once you plant your character, you yield your destiny.

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    • Great words by your great grandmother. We all are a work in progress. It’s is very important to remember that building a character, achieving our purpose is a journey. We have to enjoy this journey, make mistakes, learn from them, but not let it discourage you. Be persistent but with a smile. If a discouraging thought comes along a way, change gears, think something you like!!

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  2. I feel like I have misinterpreted the concept of mindfulness for so long and I am finally getting how to get from step A to step C. I missed out the middle bit. I thought we just had to accept the thought – my mind always asks for a why? I may just give mindfulness more of my time now. Thanks for sharing.

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