Daily Dose of Inspiration – Importance of Family

Family life is important, because the foundation for life is established in childhood, especially in the first seven years. This sets a pattern for the duration of the rest of our lives.

A great man once said, “Give me only the first seven years of life; the rest you can take.” He meant that these first years are of the greatest importance in determining the course of life.

If childhood is healthy, then we have established a good foundation as human beings, and we are able to care for ourselves, contribute to society, and share our love with others. This means also that we can take the next step in life, the step of being able to explore the spiritual dimensions of ourselves. However, if these first years of childhood are unhealthy, then they create problems and conflicts that we must overcome later in our lives, and which may even interfere with our ability to attain our goal. It is possible to resolve these problems and conflicts, although to do so may consume much of our adult lives. But life is like a school, and we cannot go on to the next level until we have completed the basic lessons. Families are the central training grounds for the entire life, the first step in a child’s spiritual development. Parents are their children’s first gurus, and if they complete their duties wisely, then the child moves on to other levels of learning.

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  1. I don’t completely agree with this….It lays too much emphasis on parents doing their duties. I know of cases where despite of parents being wise kids are rotten and vice a versa. It surely depends on how your brain processes circumstances around you too……..

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    1. Well everyone has their own perspective 🙂


      1. totally…..not arguing…but we do have other forces which also add in peers, environment we live in, siblings, and so on

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    2. wittyashu says:

      True.. I agree with your point.. it depends on the upbringing of the parents and the way they teach their child to be a good person . Now in modern days we see most of the parents are working hence the child is lacking the knowledge about the good and bad and is more attracted to the bad and becomes more stubborn ! So it’s totally upon parents how u spend some quality time with your child ..

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  2. ifiweremeagain says:

    Empress2inspire, Thank you for sharing.
    Now that I am a a few years older I have really come to appreciate how special my mother is…She is my best cheerleader, my loyal friend, the one who has seen me through the worst times of my life (so far). I don’t need a lot of family, just one who loves me no matter what.

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    1. Mothers are the best indeed..!!!

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  3. cynthiahm says:

    Yes! Give your small children endless love ❤️

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  4. Bindu says:

    So true! Our childhood years and the experience we have, go a long way in carving our personality.

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    1. Yes, I am glad you agree


  5. Marie Abanga says:

    I have two kind of family, the birth one I didn’t chose and will be DNA related to till my last (I love them so); and the soul ones whom I chose and want to nurture until proven otherwise (like some I have met online and some faithful friends) Thanks for your daily doses

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    1. People come into our lives to teach us and to help us grow in this life, to help us fulfil our purpose. Families make the most impact. Did you know we chose our parents :):)

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      1. Marie Abanga says:

        Hmm food for thought. Parents, hmm never thought about that. Maybe you mean adoptive parents or who we relate to as our ‘parents’? Blogging has really raised me. Thank you

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      2. Parents..people..all here to help us grow..!!


  6. wittyashu says:

    Well you are right ma’am but I also feel that unless parents don’t give their dedicated time to their child then the child lack the happiness somewhere .. now in modern days we see that most of the parents are working and hardly have time to connect with their child and the child is left alone which then leads to the child getting attached to bad things and he will be more stubborn ..

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    1. Hi, I agree with you. Parents should understand how important there role is in sharing their kids. They have to take our time and spend it with their kids imbibing good virtues.

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