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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Dissapointment

I’ve recently talked about the importance of asking for what you want and putting your desires truly ‘out there’. Although most of the time we’ll be amazed at the positive results that come our way, there are naturally times when things don’t work out quite how we hoped and we feel pretty damn disappointed.

Disappointment is a part and parcel of the journey to achieve your goals. Life does not always go the way we want or expect. Disappointment leads to fear and anxiety. It is difficult to be rational and make good choices when you are mired in fear and anxiety. Some people will allow disappointment to crush or cripple them.  They will allow the fear and anxiety of disappointment to beat them.

When we’re disappointed, I mean really disappointed, it shows that we really deeply wanted something. It’s actually a positive sign, because it’s signalling to you that you’re on the right track to building a life that’s going to make you tick. Think of it this way that had no not been disappointed, you would not have taken a step back and understand how your life is working out.

So rather than ignore your feelings, ask yourself What is it that’s made you so disappointed? What am I missing? Now this “Missing” thing is what is really the cause of your disappointment. Dig deeper, understand that “why” this thing is important to you. Think is this “missing thing” is for a greater good. In this way, your disappointment can reveal new insights into what’s really important to you which is vital to shape a more juicy and fulfilling life.



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    • If we look deep within, we all are mind readers to an extent. The remaining is learning through trail and error. :):) Thank you for starting this chain of thought within me. I have gotten inspired for my next post :):)
      Best to you

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  1. Dear Empress,

    Great advice. Yes, I have been disappointed that getting my first book off the ground has been a challenge. It had taught me patience, time to take advice, and to slow down and enjoy the process. Good stuff comes from struggle. Thank you,


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  2. This is truly wonderful! 🙂 Sounds like we might have a lot in common. You are way better with writing though! Again your post motivated me even further on my path in life. Thank you deeply, every second you put into this blog is worth it and beyond.

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  3. I like the response by shope9365 “disappointment makes you a stronger person” Yes, it does; always assuming you can live through it, because sometime knowing what you really want is not enough. Sometimes you just have to accept the inevitable that you can not have what you truly want.

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  4. You are exactly right: Quite often the object of our desire does not fulfill our need. Thinking back on the disappointments in my life, I am aware how grateful I am that many of them turned out as they did, though some were devastating at the time.

    Your advice to step back and look at the needs we are trying to meet is spot on. I wish I’d figured that out in my twenties!

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