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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Choice is Yours

Happy or Sad? The only person that can make that decision is you. The choice is yours so choose wisely.

The choice is yours! The phrase itself brings to light one main fact; that you alone have multiple options, and whatever you choose will have consequences. In reality, modern life can be very, very mundane. While it differs depending on what you have going in your own view of the world, we tend to settle in patterns that help us navigate our weeks, years, and even our lives. We go to school, we get jobs, we work, we pursue our own little hobbies, and we structure our lives accordingly around order and flow.

But life isn’t meant to be monotonous!!

This is where choice suddenly becomes so powerful. When we’re in the heat of the moment, when we have to make a quick decision that will affect the world and the people  around us that we’re so attached to, suddenly, we feel accountable, responsible, even, for making the “right” choice so the consequences pan out according to how we’d like to see them. When we’re in charge, when we’re the one person everyone looks up to, we sit in a position of near omnipotence. This becomes empowering to us, a break from the mundanity of real life that doesn’t allow us such a godlike status.

The key to making good decisions is balancing following your heart, or intuition, and listening to your head (logic and reason). Although you can never be sure of all the future outcomes of a big decision, nor should you try to be, one thing is certain: Nothing is worse than remaining in a state of indecision.

So what choice are you going to make today?



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  1. It is very important to balance things assisting your decisions. Even the smallest decisions can have the biggest consequences… and the biggest the smallest. There so many ripples of decisions and acts made by people every day but if you truly listen to the depths of your soul and let the light guide you you can make a difference as one individual. All life is connected, we are all one even if we are individuals. Remembering that helps a lot too in making decisions.

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  2. Hello Empress,

    Better to make a choice and live with it, then to be in a wishy washy state. Thanks for the reminder that all decisions aren’t perfect because we can’t see every remification.

    Thank you,


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