Daily Dose of Inspiration – Controlled Imagination

You can either create with your imagination, or you can let it control you!

What you give your love, time and attention to, you get more of in your life. We must become aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our experiences. Each of us has the freedom to accept and embrace whatever thoughts we choose. You possess within the silence of your being the ability to think, create and become whatever you want to become.

Would you believe that fantasizing is the “best” way your brain can unintentionally ruin your goals? It seems unlikely, right? The thing is, psychologists have found that while positive thinking about the future is broadly beneficial, too much fantasy can have disastrous results on achieving goals.

The problem with positive fantasies is that they allow us to anticipate success in the here and now. However, they don’t alert us to the problems we are likely to face along the way and can leave us with less motivation—after all, it feels like we’ve already reached our goal. How can we fight this opponent?

Instead of being entranced with what the future may bring, we need to learn to love the work here and now. Have you ever noticed that when you think of something desired, in some time your dream comes true, even though you’ve already forgotten about it? It’s not a miracle and neither a coincidence! Its when you let go of the anxiety of the future or of the outcome is when the things come to you. Stop listening to people around you, not because they don’t have your best in their mind but because its only you who knows you reality and the reality of your dreams. Stop seeking validation or confirmation signs from outside. Be your own best friend, convince yourself, know yourself better.


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  1. I must let you know your your writings pulls a string from my subconscious, awakening a possibility that have otherwise stayed dormant. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you!! I am inspired to write more!!

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  2. Miriam says:

    Fantastic post. I must admit I do a lot of fantasising!

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  3. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    This is a bit of an eerie read, what with a related string of text messages I just sent my sister! I’ll go ahead and take it as affirmation that I’m on the right track. 🙂

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    1. Glad this post could increase your awareness!

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  4. Sudalai says:

    Nice post,👌👌👌

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  5. Joonas Kopponen says:

    Gave me more insight into this subject! Thank you!

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  6. I often include the issues I will face in my fantasies too (I know) and still, somehow, the problems that come up are different!? even the anticipation of future problems doesn’t work. Do you think daydreams are altogether useless? or is there a way we can use them?

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  7. George F. says:

    Fantasy is often better than reality, as we all know. Just don’t get lost in it!

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    1. True words! Thank you

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  8. Enni says:

    time to stop fantasising… and start working in this Time only …

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    1. Yessss Enni…!!!!!

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      1. Enni says:

        your post are reality Check …. 🙂 we all really needed these Daily Dose to wake us up

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      2. Glad you liked it Enni!!

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  9. Hi your blog is a good reminder- Thank-you.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. So do you agree with this post? Imagination, which can also be called inner vision, is a gift that has many positive applications, but more than often it is not well-developed or correctly used. Few people possess the ability to control what enters theirs..can you?

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      1. Yes. I’m a printmaker…so I would say it quite honed.I also love words . A lot of people seem to think they aren’t artistic at all and that seems like a waste. i mean they could try pottery and find a niche with glazes and then take off.but most people wouldn’t even try.So then it seems like half their brain isn’t even being used. they might find beauty in that one bowl they made- if they allowed themselves to.

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