Daily Dose of Inspiration – Beyond Intellect

“Pure reason and pure feeling both have intuitive qualities. Pure feeling sees as clearly as pure reason.” 

There are many people around you that will point out the “reality” that you are facing. They will say “Face the facts”, “Don’t be delusional”, “Look at your current reality” etc etc etc. But if we constantly keep on concentrating on our current reality then that is what we will attract more. That’s why Imagination is very important. Thing beyond the current reality, think beyond the current thought process. You have to think something different to attract something more in life.

When you are fascinated by something, you are in that vibration of connection with who you are. That’s as close to love as it gets. When you are appreciating yourself or someone else, that’s as close to it as it gets. So Imagine One…think beyond the obvious, beyond the intellect, beyond the conscious mind.



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    • I loved the last line you wrote “Love is not an emotion but an entity which encompasses all thing”. This is the eternal truth of life. We are love and we should live by loving kindness to everyone. Only if we all could practice loving kindness, the world would be a different place!
      Best to you

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