Daily Dose of Inspiration – Alignment with the Spirit

It is important to understand the nature of who we really are in order to understand alignment. We, as humans, tend to think of ourselves as being either physical or spiritual. The truth is that we are both physical and spiritual. The larger part of us, our soul, is always in spirit. It is part of Source Energy. When we decide to experience the expansion of the physical world, we come into the body knowing we are always connected to that Source. When we leave the physical, we simply rejoin the larger part of who we are. We come into the physical to focus intensively from a certain viewpoint or perspective and experience the variety that this world offers. We sift through the variety, developing preferences and as we do so, we expand beyond who we were.

We are born with an internal guidance system called our emotions, which tell us when we are heading towards or away from what we want. When we feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, worry, and so on, we are pinching ourselves off from our Source and our well-being. This can be simply understood as a state of contraction. When we feel hope, interest, positive expectation, happiness, joy, enthusiasm, appreciation, etc, we are allowing our flow and connection to Source. This is expansion. Alignment, then, is a state of expansion. It is an emotional state that feels good. When we feel expanded we are perceiving in the same way our souls do. The way to get into alignment with your higher self is to feel good!

The only way to shift into the reality you want, is to shift your thinking. when you reach for better feeling thoughts, your feeling state begins to change. From that jumping off place, you can now attract even better feelings to you. As you feel better and get more into alignment with your higher self, you now have access to solutions and good ideas. Your soul, or higher self, is wise. You have within you all the answers you seek. The only way to access those answers is to be in alignment–to feel good!


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  1. Motivated me even more to do what is good for me and the world.. Your posts always strengten my resolve to be a happy and good person. Thank you. *deep bow with head eyes closed*

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  2. Hi Empress,

    Humans are wonderfullly complex individuals. I am reminded that we must take care of our whole self, body, mind, spirit, and emotions. When one is out of whack, the rest is affected as well.

    You remind people to put it into perspective and not get too hung up on the temporary but our real eternal self. Thank God for His wisdom,


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