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Have you ever wondered where all the nonsense in your mind comes from? This inner talk seems to automatically jump from one subject to another. If you’re like most people, at least some of those thoughts are complaining, blaming, and criticizing. You may mumble to yourself about someone else or “beat yourself up” for things not going the way you wish they would. Read on and I’ll explain what and how this works, and how you can fix it.

Your inner talk or self-talk are thoughts made up of your inner beliefs and desires. Sometimes the thoughts help you sort things out, but much of the time they are a combination of frustrations and worries. Some of your self talk, no doubt, is your analytical mind trying to arrive at the best decisions, other times it is inexplicably besieged with emotions.

For most of us, our mind chatter is so automatic that we don’t even notice all the negativity streaming through our heads. The first thing we need to do is start noticing our thoughts – you’ll probably be quite surprised at the volume, and the content.

For example, if one of your regular thoughts has been “I am such an idiot! I’m always making silly mistakes, everyone must think I’m stupid”, doesn’t need to suddenly become “I am a genius! I do everything perfectly and never make mistakes. People are in awe of me.” Instead, replace it with something like “I always try to do my best, and it’s only human to make mistakes some times. Everyone does. I believe in myself and my abilities.”

Spend some time writing down ideas for more positive statements next to your list of negative thoughts. Again, I find it is much better to write things down, especially in the beginning, as this helps to anchor the ideas in your mind.

Talk to yourself in a positive manner always, because no body can love you more than you can love yourself.


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  1. Nicely written! I agree writing things down can help. Many times at work I have this discussion with my colleagues that yes negatives will come up but negatives should always be paired with a positive. So rather than thinking or saying “you barely got anything done today” it should be replaced with “I seen you worked harder and _____ however, I will show you a more efficient way to get _____ and _____ both done”

    Now I am strongly basing this on work conversation but! This same method can be applied to everyday life as many people consume themselves with only negative thoughts. We gotta combat them with positives as well! I found writing down your negative thoughts and seeing where you can switch up the words to make it positive can be quite helpful! Thanks for sharing

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  2. This year I’ve changed the conversation in my head by keeping a gratitude journal and I’ve opened a facebook group ” Attitude of Gratitude” I invite people to share one thing each day that they are grateful for.

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    • Oh wow…I will definitely check out your group on Facebook. Gratitude journal is a wonderful thing to keep. Saying thanks for things that you already have being grateful for things that are yet to come is moving the vibration towards you in a positive way. Wonderful. Thank you again.

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  3. Think of all we could be if we exchanged the negative self-talk for positivity, even in disaster? We are meant to be people of possibility, looking forward to making the possible happen for ourselves and others. How sad that we so easily fall into looking back at what has already happened, and reliving the negative narrative to which we have become comfortable. Great words and wise actions in this post. Thank you!

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