Daily Dose of Inspiration – Feelings

Emotions and feelings may seem to many of us like trivialities—sensations that get in the way of the real work the brain has to do. Humans have a malleable mind; you can whittle it any way you want.

It is very important that you feel good about yourself. How you feel speaks volume about your mood at that point of time. They are a perfect indicator of what you should do. In today’s busy world, you may not get enough time to relax. However, it is not good to remain continuously in stress for a long time. But you are always feeling something or the other. Make Feelings your Anchor.

Make a decision to feel good about yourself and your surrounding at all time. Now, I know its easier said that done, but we all have to start somewhere. Frustrated, demoralised people are more prone to depression and other psychological disorders and often develop suicidal tendencies. So, it’s best to evade all negativities and make it a point to feel good about yourself.

Try some of these : You should always try to keep yourself happy, Be Optimistic, Work on building your self-esteem, Maintain healthy relationship is very important for happiness, Changes are refreshing and always give you something new to explore, Utilize your skills and do things you are good at, Spend time with people you love and doing the things you love, Never compare yourself with others, Create your own style and Do not hesitate to laugh.

Do you have any more suggestions? Please share.

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  1. I think making emotions the anchor for life is dangerous. They are too changeable. I think working to move them out of the center is important for success. Watchman Nee was quoted as saying “Faith follows Facts and Feelings follow faith.” I think the key to successful living is to discover the good news to adjust our faith towards the good news and then to focus in on that. Feelings follow that kind of faith.

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  2. Ameena k.g says:

    I think you’ve said it all. Great reminders and tips

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  3. And… Focus on the positive things, let the negative experiences and mistakes be new lessons to grow and evolve.

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  4. theedgealone says:

    Good discussion points raised here.

    Emotions are central to who we are. Self belief – for some it is not so easy to leave behind self doubt because it grows from a process questioning of everything – the world, our belief systems, and ourselves My writing is inseparable from that process. And self questioning for me leads to self-doubt and reshaping. It is through this process that I can rebuild the self belief that is thrown into disarray through my constant questioning.

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    1. Wonderfully summarised. Thank you.


  5. After a fairly negative time in my life years ago, I made a conscious decision to look for beauty in random things. Do I still occasionally have negative thoughts and bad days? Certainly. But they are far fewer and it promotes a far more positive outlook overall. That outlook fosters productivity. Productivity fosters positivity. It’s a cycle we can choose. Well said!

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    1. Productivity fosters positively indeed. Thank you for sharing that phrase. Love it.


  6. The Wanderer says:

    This make me feel better

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    1. I am glad it did..:):)


  7. percolatingpoetry says:

    Brilliant! We need to embrace all our emotions, even the dark ones, for they, too, play a role in our mental/emotional balance.

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    1. Thank you. Glad you liked it. Yes, it’s in conquering the dark ones that we grow..!!

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      1. percolatingpoetry says:

        You are most welcome! I enjoyed it, very much. 🙂

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  8. Sahana says:

    Lovely 😊 that picture says it all 😊

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    1. Thanks Sahana. Yes, I picked the picture purposefully.

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  9. lfpessemier says:

    I have been finding three things to be grateful for/happy about every morning before I get up. Sometimes they are even things that are appartently negative, but I can see the good in them. With three positive feelings I can make it through the day

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    1. Gratitude is the best thing to start the day with. Someone once said that if you don’t pray every morning but find time to be grateful about all the things in your life…you will get heaven ::D


  10. Skye Rosenthal says:

    There are a few things I would like to add. I don’t really think that most people “think too much”, but rather, most people engage in the wrong type of thinking. Heuristical thought, or cognitive shortcuts, saves time and mental energy, which makes it “understandable” why humans, at large, tend to be cognitive misers, but such a thinking style usually or always leads to incorrect conclusions about some framework of reality. Also, feelings and thoughts are not a binary- I’m sure you know this. I commonly hear people (usually the self-proclaimed “thick-skinned” ones) declare, “Emotions are weaknesses”, “It would be better if humans had no emotions”. Such an idea is unrealistic. People need to remember that creative and artistic breakthroughs, to some degree, derived from emotions. Emotions are not inherently bad. It is a matter of either retaining negative emotions (such as sadness or anger), using them in an unhealthy way, or alchemizing said negative emotions towards something productive and creative. Same thing applies to positive emotions.

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    1. Skye Rosenthal says:

      I am aware there are some oversimplifications in my previous comment. I was at work, and so, was hastily providing an impromptu response to a rather complex topic that addressed main points associated with said topic. However, I don’t think I conveyed my point entirely the way I intended to.

      As for emotions and them being “necessary”, well, we could get into an argument pertaining to semantics. I guess we could start with the question: What are “emotions”? As I understand it, emotion is a concept that has a number of connotations in the realms of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy, but there is no universally agreed upon definition for such a word. Are emotions reducible to nothing other than byproducts resulting from stimulation or arousal of the sympathetic nervous system? That is just one definition, more specifically, a roughly scientific one. If that is what defines an emotion, it seems that emotions are impossible to avoid, since if your nervous system ceases to function, you will obviously die. This is also a potential reductio ad absurdum example to such statements like “Humans are better off without emotions.”

      There is also the word “emotion” as an umbrella term for “passions” or “sentiments”. Again, virtually all creative breakthroughs have been generated largely from passions and sentiments. When looked at from this angle, not only are emotions an integral part of a meaningful human experience, but they are also, at the very least partially, responsible for a number of things which have made a difference in the world. Whether or not art is even necessary in the world is probably difficult to impossible to determine objectively, but I think it is safe to declare that it is. At the very least, art serves to vivify an otherwise austere world.

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      1. Thank you Skye..your thoughts are most valuable. Thank you for showing us another side of emotions altogether. Do keep writing, will visit your blog often.

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