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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Mental Block

A mental block is a form of uncontrollable resistance or discharge, suspected to originate in the brain. IT is defined as the unconscious denial of a thought or an emotion. A mental block appears as a mode of defense, removing from his conscience any representation likely to disrupt him.

Wait…..let me rephrase that for you!

Mental blocks are incredibly irritating. It doesn’t matter whether you are pondering over which cupboard to clean first before the festivities start, trying to push yourself do those extra squats at the gym even when your quadriceps (thigh muscles) and gluteus (hip muscles) are screaming in pain or just trying to get up early in morning so that you can achieve more in a day, sometimes you hit a mental block and can’t go forwards.

The usual solution is simply to take a break. After an hour, a day or a week, you return to the problem afresh and suddenly everything seems clear. You can’t understand what the problem was in the first place: the answer is right there, staring you in the face. This is a fascinating capability of the mind. It’s wonderful that it can solve problems unconsciously while we’re getting on with day-to-day life.

Refuse to quit. This too is a lot easier said than done, but tell yourself daily that you refuse to quit. When you are struggling to get motivated, tell yourself, “I refuse to quit!” When you feel that the hard work is not worth it, tell yourself, “I refuse to quit!” Your mental block may be strong, your mind can be stronger. So, “refuse to quit!”

Challenge yourself. For example, firmly decide that every time you are in the gym or following any other kind of fitness regime, you are going to challenge yourself and push forward harder than the previous workout. A

Break it Up. Once you set a short, obtainable goal, make up your mind and accomplish it. Focus on your goal and do not let any mental blocks prevent that goal from happening. They keep you motivated and focused. Once you attain one goal, then you can start with another one easily.

Well, that was my side of the story. What is yours? Do share your pearls of wisdom.


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  1. I’d been struggling to write my last story for a couple of weeks or more. I wanted it finished for my son’s birthday and I finally gave up yesterday. Then he and I shared some venting texts last night and he hit a chord within me. I’d been trying to write him a story of faith, of encouragement, when I know we don’t see eye to eye. You know how mothers can be…/: I realized I was writing like someone trying to convince someone of something. Then last night, the story, the real story, started to flow. And guess what? It was still a story of faith. Thank you for your post. You are so right, blocks can be about hiding from something, like the truth.

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    • Ah that’s is amazing. A story of faith can move mountains. Its such a wonderful thing you are doing for your son. Awww Mom’s 🤗. Truth is always a third person’s story, if you know what I mean. It’s neither your story, nor’s the other’s person’s perspective. Thanks for such an interesting thought, should write about it in the next blog. “Truth Be Told”..ahh

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  2. Yeah I like this. Mental blocks are tough…sometimes there are things to process that we don’t have all the conscious information for yet…so taking a break and giving it time, sometimes just writing whatever helps.

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  3. I also find that when we allow the brain to rest we get better results. Its when we are not trying to do something that we at times get it out with no issues. I have had mental block for so long when it came to writing and I realized that forcing myself to write had the opposite affect. It made me kind of disgusted with it until I left it alone and allowed it to find me once more.

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  4. visual stories inspire me a lot such as the battle scene from Game of thrones season 6 where John snow take the fight to Ramsey alone he is alone standing at battle ground against thousands of soldier with hell lot of fear but with also courage to overcome that fear. the visuals and cinematography used in that scene was mindblowing .

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  5. Hello Empress,

    Yes, knowing when to walk away fir a bit can help your mind to tackle the issue with fresh grey matter. Ha, just don’t say that around zombies who are the epitome of a mental block.



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