Daily Dose of Inspiration – The Truth

There is only one Truth, but whose is it anyways??

All faith is false, all faith is true

Truth is the shattered mirror strown

In myriad bits; while each believes

His little bit the whole to own

~ Richard Francis Burton

As a person my opinion is simply my opinion. I can empathise and try to understand and feel what it’s like for someone else, but although I can come close, I can never know for sure exactly how a person is experiencing the world. I hold my own piece of mirror, and they hold theirs. Over time those experiences can get blurred and become less clear, meaning it can be difficult to remember the truth of exactly what happened. However most important is how one respond to the memories one do have, and how it affects their life now.

Once we accept that truth is not this fixed thing to be found and clung onto, it becomes easier to accept that others hold different truths, and that no matter how much we may disagree with them, no-one has a monopoly on the truth. For us as individuals it also gives space for hope that some of the negative truths we cling to may not be so fixed. A person might firmly hold the belief that they must never feel sad, as letting in even a bit of sadness would open the floodgates leading to an overwhelming wave of sadness descending upon them.

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  1. nihaojulia says:

    “A person might firmly hold the belief that they must never feel sad, as letting in even a bit of sadness would open the floodgates leading to an overwhelming wave of sadness descending upon them.”
    That’s very touching. I guess it depends on the person. If you are emotionally balanced, a bit of sadness or despair won’t hurt you. Other people could fall into a spiral of sadness…

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  2. Dragthepen says:

    not only do we all hold onto our own version of the truth, but what we will feel about the truth and the experience behind the the truth is also an individual experience. What I sometime have a difficult time accepting is how people want others to not feel the emotions they have. We often hear, ” you should feel that way”, or get over it and move on” or ” I can’t relate to what your feeling” the big one is ” maybe you should change the way you feel.”

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  3. yogafivefifty says:

    How we respond.. Thanks for this read!


  4. Clarence says:

    Reblogged this on Clarence's Chronicles and commented:
    I really love this article, hope y’all will too 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the reblog!!


  5. marisselee says:

    True! No one knows the whole thing really. In the same manner, we cannot behold the back of our head or the entirety of any person or thing. What we have is a piece of something…maybe truth, maybe an idea, who knows? For the most part, as Socrates puts it, we know nothing.

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  6. Adam Hanif says:

    nice one


  7. gpavants says:

    Dear Empress,

    It is good to know that Someone holds all the pieces of truth together.


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  8. Carson Webb says:

    The world is true; the universe is true; you and I are true; love is true. But the reality I think you’re touching on is that what people will call truth is only a perspective on truth. And in that way every person gets a small peice of it, but not everyone realizes that there may be more to the picture than the peice they hold so dearly (:

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