Daily Dose of Inspiration – Unspoken Words


When old age sets in and I am nearing the end of my time on this earth, I know I will have regrets. I am human. But, I will also know that I tried as best I could to lead an honest life. To touch the lives of both stranger and friend.  That those I loved – knew it with all their heart and those I had lost along the way would always
 know that I had a special place in my heart reserved just for them.
  I had loved. I had lost. But in the end – I won’t regret one single second of it. 
~J.V. Manning

I know that I have done a lot of things right in life. I also know that I have done a lot of things wrong. I have missed opportunities. I have missed chances. I already have regrets. Some I can do something about and others – I can’t. I regret not being able to help everyone I have wanted to. I regret not trying harder in certain situations. I regret not letting go sooner in others. I regret not following my instincts at some very key points in life. However, one thing I regret the most is all the times my words failed. Words spoken for sure, but more so, those I let die upon my tongue.

Life is simply too short. Stop holding on to words that need to be spoken. Stop allowing yourself to let them stay trapped in your mind. If you have the chance – take it. Be honest with those you care about. Good or bad. Speak the words of your soul. Those words are the spark of your very existence. Speak them now or forever hold your peace. Though in my experience – that peace is elusive and the regret of not opening your mouth – holds strong.


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  1. I read this post twice. My family have suffered a great lose this month that lead the elders of the family to organize a family meeting this weekend. Too much bad blood, too many lies told and rumors said. We are going to try to mend the family back together. I will read this post to them. Thank you.

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  2. I pray that you receive the peace that passes all understanding

    My teacher taught me that it is never too late to use the right words
    Speak them
    Be free.

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  3. I need to memorize your last few lines and re-teach myself them every morning until it sinks into the depths of my being. I feel that this is something that seems so simple, yet so difficult to hold onto, because all of the exterior influences in life leading us astray from speaking up and taking action on our passions. Life is so short and this is incredibly inspiring to keep true to my inner self. Thank you. 💙

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    • Good idea Kelly. Just few minutes 2-3 times in a day, get a quite place and repeat lines which appeal to you. Let it sink. This will take time so have the patience to practice and don’t give up easily. Good luck. It a pleasure to meet like minded people like you!

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    • Oh my! You are so right about your insights!! I’m going to have to go over this again and again too! Yes, life is too short – hence one of my favorite quotes is – “What have you done today, to make your dreams come true?” Something that needs to be taped to the bathroom mirror!!!
      Come see me!

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  4. This is so very true. Not speaking at the right moment, holding yourself back and regretting later I guess we all have dome sometime or the other in our lifetime. But I guess as you said letting the words die on your tongue is the biggest mistake you can make. Expression in any form is a great healer for our souls.
    Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Happy blogging!

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  5. Ah, sometimes I think regrets are more for the young anyway. Regrets early in life mean learning. Rarely are regrets forever. Things change, you can change. Anything regretted can be done again, things not said can be said again. The situations may be different, but, hell, regret is how we learn, and a great stimulus for change. Thousands of opportunities await, even at my age.

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    • Oh Yes Sir, regret can weigh us down. To move past regrets we have to try to learn something from the mistake; look on the bright side (there’s has got to be one, yes?); don’t dwell on it; and/or take action. The upside to regret is being able to make sense of past experiences, avoiding the same mistakes, and fixing our missteps.


  6. We need more words that uplift, and it is wonderful to read your words of spiritual growth. We seems to have lost our souls and struggle to find peace in the wrong places-the treasure is within. Bless those who are ready to listen and find their true-self. Thank you!

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    • Hi, I agree a 100% with your words. We’ve been told that all the answers to everything we ever need are within, thinking and feeling to it and those are both tied to your soul’s calling. Everyone has a body and everyone can do this.
      Thanks again for your words.


  7. Well stated, well written! I had regrets, so many I had to stack them one atop another. More regrets were added, then more, and finally the whole thing go so top-heavy it collapsed and fell into pieces. I just walked away, and now my only regret is not moving fast enough toward recognition.

    Thank you for liking my poem!

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