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Happiness Is Appreciating The Simple Things In Life. 

The simple things in life are like those stars that shine on a clear night. They’re always there, surrounding us, offering their subtle magic; however, it’s not every day that we stop to look at them and remember that they exist.

Only when life gives us a small or big setback, do we suddenly appreciate what really builds our hearts, what constitutes each of these internal lines that create music and give meaning to our existence.

The main thing is that the key is not to lead a simple life, it is keeping simple thoughts and knowing what is important, what really makes our heart happy and identifies us. From there, all of us are free to build our own micro- universes. Finding pleasure in simplicity is an attitude.  Not all people know how to enjoy the simple things that life offers. Perhaps because some are unable to see them, and others because do not appreciate them and are more inclined toward material attachment, for instant gratification, which does not last. 

If nothing above is making sense, then this will definately. We have to be aware of what our heart tells us. For example, working longer hours may give you the opportunity to have more things, but you are aware that despite everything, you prefer to invest that time in your family.

Living a full life is understanding that every effort is worthwhile, because everything you do makes you happy and gives happiness to your loved ones.


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