Daily Dose of Inspiration – WIP (Work in Progress)

“I am a work in progress”

This isn’t a new phrase, I didn’t write it, it’s a quote most of us have heard and probably said about ourselves at some point in our lives, the meaning is quite simple, we just aren’t the finished article, we are still learning, there is much to learn before we are complete.

But the thing is, we will never be complete, as perfection is the only state of complete and the only thing that is perfect is God, we can’t become God, we will never attain a level close to God, we are human, we are forever destined to fall short of God’s expectations for us, but he loves us anyway.

“but I have to work in order to progress”

But just because we are all a work in progress, it shouldn’t just stop, unless we let it, we are human after all, we can easily become complacent, I know I have too many times in my life and I continue to allow complacency a part in my life everyday, I know that, I have to overcome that, but I like many just become comfortable with certain aspects of my daily existence that I fall short of my expectation’s, never mind God’s.

To progress takes effort, we cannot move forward just be standing still, if we stand still not moving it takes an outside influence to move, a push, the wind and even God, but they are only small cumbersome steps taken in resentment, not open hearted, we resist and when we resist the lessons often bypass us.

Quite simply, to be the work in progress, we have to put in the effort, we have to work in order to progress, we have to embrace that which is before us and resolve to approach it with all we have and all we are, only then can we progress, without that we just stand still or stutter slowly forward.

This goes for anything in life, it goes for anything we do or learn, unless we put the effort in progress will be slow or none existent. 

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  1. primeoptimum says:

    To progress truly takes effort

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  2. I’m a work in progress and even when I’m at a bus stop, it doesn’t mean I really stopped. For when I re-start my engine, I speed off from where I paused. Don’t think I’m out because of my stop, it’s only a pause and on a replay I speed farther from where I paused. Because I’m a work in progress doesn’t mean I’ve stopped to progress!

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  3. Very well put across. We are always in the learning school and working towards progress 👍

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  4. Anita Bacha says:

    We have to work in order to progress. How very true and inspiring!

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    1. WIP indeed Anita. Glad you liked my post.

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  5. Miriam says:

    Small steps, great post💜 Thanks for the inspiration

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    1. You are most welcome Miriam!! Glad you liked it.

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  6. B. says:

    Definitely! There can be no achievement without working hard on it…

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  7. Very true. It takes will and personal effort.

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  8. KJ Smith says:

    Absolutely. Progress begins when we do! (That was one of my daily smiles – https://acoupleofstarsandahappyface.wordpress.com/2017/10/14/a-year-of-smiles-day-286/) By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your like on one of my daily smiles means so much!

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    1. Hey, thank you! Will check your blog often, really liked the last one

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