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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Clear Your Mind

The mind loves to chew on problems like a dog chews on a bone. That’s good – it means the mind is looking for a solution. Great job, mind! The problem is, it’s trying to solve problems using the same beliefs and thought habits that created the problems in the first place! Those mental habits created the vibration that attracted the situation. Now the mind skips around on the same thoughts, like a scratched CD and it can’t get out of the infinite loop.

The mind isn’t used to getting stuck in this infinite loop when you’re thinking something positive – but you can train it to!

You don’t notice this background noise most of the time. But sometimes negative thoughts jump into your awareness with a “pick me, pick me!” urgency. Frustrating! You know you can’t solve the problem (if you could, you would have) yet you can’t stop thinking about it!

Some of the ways in which you can clear you mind are mentioned below. However, if there is anything else you would wish to do, knock yourself out but at the same time, do mention them in the comments below 🙂

  1. Meditation is your best tool for clearing your mind and making room for silence. Mental silence is like an empty vessel into which you can pour the wisdom of your soul; new thought habits; positivity; love; and present-focus. During meditation, choose a point of focus and become fascinated with it. 
  2. Take a walk – but don’t use the time to worry! Practice walking meditation, where you’re acutely aware of the mechanics of walking; or go walk with someone who is upbeat and positive!
  3.  Immerse yourself in what you love to do and/or in something challenging. Your mind goes silent when you are absorbed in some activity that you find engrossing or challenging.
  4. Clear your space. Your physical spaces (home, car, work) are a direct reflection of your mental state. Too many thoughts in your mind? Look at the state of your desk, your kitchen, the back seat of your car, your bedroom floor… clear the physical clutter and you will create free energy flow in your surroundings; this will help you clear the mental clutter as well! It’s a very liberating feeling to let go of things and thoughts!

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  1. Thinking over and over again about the problem is a form of self destructive pattern. Somehow we know what we’re doing is counter productive and yet….
    Personally I need to keep learning how to focus about solutions and stop “taking self destructive pleasure” in thinking restlessly about the problem…

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  2. I totally can see the chaos in my life manifesting into my car and home cleanliness. In the past, it never did… but as the chaos became distressing and started weighing me down, the messiness got worse. Thanks for the insight!

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  3. That’s what I’ve been missing! I drive as one of my jobs, and quite often would shut off the radio for hours, and clear my mind. Lately, I’ve been using that time to brainstorm writing, dictating to Siri, and getting frustrated with Siri for getting it wrong! 😉

    Tonight it will be my guitar and I. 🙂

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  4. Hi Empress,

    Yes, all work. For me biking and prayer are great relaxers of the mind. Hey, so yes, I do find that clutter does stress me out. So much better when it’s clean. Thank you for your thoughts,


    On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 11:06 PM Be Inspired..!! wrote:

    > empress2inspire posted: “The mind loves to chew on problems like a dog > chews on a bone. That’s good – it means the mind is looking for a > solution. Great job, mind! The problem is, it’s trying to solve problems > using the same beliefs and thought habits that created the problems in” >

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    • Hi Gary, thank you for sharing your de-stressing techniques. While you can’t avoid stress altogether, simply letting it build up and consume you can lead to a meltdown. A clear mind is a healthy, productive mind. Here are eight ways that you can rid your mind of stress, allowing you to remain focused on crushing any goal you set.


      • Ah yes, managing stress is very important. When chronic stress is not properly managed, however, it can cause serious health effects including; increased blood pressure, suppressed immune system, greater risk of heart attacks and strokes and an increased chance of experiencing some form of mental or emotional health issues.


    • Hi, I agree with you. Einstein was certainly right — we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. In addition, with the rapid changes in society, the methods we have previously used to solve many of the problems we face are no longer effective. We need to develop new ways of thinking in order to design better solutions, services and experiences that solve our current problems. We need a bold newly systematised and non-linear human-centred approach. This will help us radically change how we go about exploring problems and creating solutions to those problems.

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