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Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

Specific dietary and other lifestyle behaviors may affect the success of the straightforward-sounding strategy “eat less and exercise more” for preventing long-term weight gain. Different lifestyle behaviors have often been evaluated separately, thus limiting relative comparisons or the quantification of combined effects.

Here are few of the lifestyle changes you can try for weight loss :

  • Walk More Often – Walking is the easiest form of exercise because we walk everyday without giving it a second thought. It’s gentle on your joints and walking a little further each day is a small but effective change to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. You can try parking your car further away. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for an evening walk. Do a lap of the office while your coffee brews.
  • Eat Breakfast Everyday – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Be sure to start your day off with a healthy, energy boosting meal. Don’t rely on coffee to get you through your day. You can try scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast. A bowl of porridge. Fruit smoothie with oats.
  • Serve Smaller Portions – It’s easy cook too much food, but instead of piling up your plate and consuming the lot, box leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, or if it’s suitable to do so, freeze your meal for another time. Being conscious of your portions and weighing out ingredients will help you avoid overeating and stick within your daily recommended calorie intake.
  • Spend More Time Outdoors – Being outdoors can be lots of fun, so go enjoy it with your friends, kids or families. It doesn’t have to feel like exercise, but there are endless outdoor activities you can enjoy which will naturally keep you more active.
  • Do More Home Cooking – Eating out is a social activity enjoyed by many, but it can lead to overindulging. You’re more likely to have an alcoholic drink with your meal. It would be rude not to have dessert and you have no idea how healthy or unhealthy the food is. Cooking at home means you can control what you eat, how much you serve and how it’s cooked. You’re also less likely to eat 3 courses and the temptation for alcohol will also be reduced.
  • Regularly Measure Yourself – Keeping a record of your weight and measurements is a simple way to keep on top of your health. If you notice you started to gain a pound or two, you can make quick lifestyle changes before the problem worsens. On top of this, seeing your results will motivate you to sick to it. Weight yourself once per week.
  • Try Out Yoga – Regular yoga practice helps to build strength and muscle. This is turn boosts your metabolism allowing you to burn extra calories. As well as this, yoga is an awesome way to wind down after a stressful day. It may seem like a chilled way to work out, but it is super effective.
  • Cut Out Sugary Drinks – Drinking soda is an easy way to consume extra, unnecessary calories. You are much more likely to gain unwanted pounds by consuming just one can of soda per day. However there are many alternative and tasty options available in any grocery store.
  • Focus on Building Muscle – It’s recommended that you work on building muscle mass regularly to increase strength, stamina and speed up metabolism. Try doing 20x push ups, squats and lunges once a day to easily increase your muscle building efforts, without having to join a gym.
  • Eat More Fruit – One of the hardest part of dieting is giving up your favorite sweet snacks. Try switching candy bars for a piece of fruit, its natural sugars will help satisfy your sweet cravings and generally fruit will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

The quickest and most permanent weight loss comes as a result of a combination of healthy eating and consistent, challenging workouts.

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  1. Hi Garima,

    What does PB stand for? Are you using another name? Great post. I have to change up my workout after 50, so this is timely advice. I am going to try to commit to a yoga class at least once a week.

    Thank you,


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