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Daily Dose of Inspiration -Response Not React

Do you react or respond?

The only thing you get to control is how you react. Reacting means you might get caught. Responding means you take control, in the form of taking the time to pause, think and answer the question–or explain why you can’t. Perhaps, best of all, you’ve taken time well in advance to anticipate tough questions and how you’ll respond, should they arise.

Choosing to respond rather than react also means not letting your emotions get the best of you. In the heat of an argument, you tend to become emotional and run the risk of ignoring the consequences of your actions. It would not help if your actions lead to unforeseen circumstances. While you might be known for your planning and organised approach to your work, your reputation must not be hindered due to your reaction to a minor argument. Thus, it helps to cultivate a habit of responding carefully even in times of crisis or in the middle of an argument. It takes a good amount of introspection and practice to gain the habit of responding even during testing times.

The way you choose to behave in a given situation whether to respond or react goes a long way in creating perceptions about you. But remember responding effectively and with thought speaks a lot about your personality and self control.



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  1. Great post – concise and to the point!

    What I try to do is give a few seconds between the event/action and my response. I find that doing this helps me to consider my response as opposed to reacting. Most times, after that space of time, a reaction isn’t just worth it and I can’t even be bothered responding!

    Thanks for the post.

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    • Exactly…!!! I am glad this post could reach you in a deeper way. Be persistent, it’s okay to react in the initial days. But it’s important to realise it’s wrong and should not be repeated in future.


  2. I try to live this way and have tried to teach my children this. It helps you not regret things you say during an argument or coming back and saying that you didn’t mean it. You can’t take back words. I rarely say what I don’t mean by living this way.

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    • You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. For someone like me who is still a work in progress, it’s nice to see someone to has not only achieved the desired state but is also instilling it in young minds. Thank you.
      Best to you


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