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Going Vegan? Know The Basics

A well-planned vegan diet can provide all the nutrients you need for good health and offers many health benefits. A healthy, well balanced vegan diet is one that includes a wide variety of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Have you ever wondered if becoming vegan is safe and sustainable or if it is as hard, and possibly dangerous, as the media makes it seem? Well here is a quick guide which may give you some possible answers.

  • Does vegan diet make you protein deficient? Vegans do not lack protein. In fact, all plants have protein and we need no magic protein supplements, or special food combining to ensure that we get enough protein in our bodies to have optimal health. In fact, plant protein is a superior form of protein and is highly digestible, compared to its animal counterparts.
  • What is being a healthy vegan mean? You should know that there are two types of vegans – those who are health-minded, and those who are not. There are health vegans, and there are junk vegans. Don’t be fooled to believe that if you become vegan, you will magically become healthy. Just like with any other diet, you have to be conscious of the quality of the foods you are eating.
  • Is sugar vegan? Did you know during the final purification process, cane sugar is filtered through activated carbon (charcoal) which may be of animal, vegetable, or mineral origin. So yes sugar is vegan
  • Can I use oils? No. Not even highly praised coconut or olive oil. In fact there are no healthy oils.
  • Does vegan diet have any long term side effects? I have not heard or read any such thing. A whole food, plant based diet offers a natural treatment for many chronic diseases such as hypothyroidism.

You don’t have to go cold turkey. You could start by preparing couple of meat free dishes for a week and gradually make more substitutions – tofu in stir-fry or veggie burgers. If your aim is also weight loss, amp up your exercise routine and eat fewer calories than your daily recommended max. There’s a good chance you’ll lose weight on the vegan diet. Research shows vegans tend to eat fewer calories, weigh less and have a lower body mass index (a measure of body fat) than their meat-eating counterparts.

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    • That should work. Replace oil for sauteeing with a little water, broth, juice, wine, beer (gluten-free of course), tamari (also gluten-free), or any combination to create wonderful rich flavours.


  1. Just a question about oils, I have a crazy vegan friend and just a basic understanding was they don’t use anything that is derived from animals like gee, milk , or not even leather products.
    I am a vegetarian and I don’t really know problems of oils, so my friend also have used oils when I was staying with him for sometime.

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