Great Reasons to Stop Drinking

It is not always necessary to stop drinking completely if you have problems with alcohol. There are individuals who once drank heavily who have learned to drink in moderation. This is more difficult than giving up completely. It is hard work and takes determination to learn controlled drinking if your drinking has been out of control. However, then there are times when small amounts of alcohol will be damaging or dangerous.

If you have issues with anxiety or depression or impulsivity, here are few food reasons why avoiding alcohol may be a good idea :

  • Interferes with the processes of memory and with new learning.
  • Interrupts normal sleep patterns, which affects energy, mood and anxiety level.
  • Is a direct central nervous system depressant that interferes with mood stability and promotes depression.
  • May provide short-term relief when you are anxious, but leads to rebound anxiety, which makes matters worse.
  • Contributes to increased impulsivity.
  • May lead to lowered inhibitions and negative choices that intensifies shame, anxiety, and depression.
  • Increases the likelihood of using other substances.
  • Interferes with the therapeutic effects of prescribed medications, including anti-anxiety and anti depressant medications.
  • May be dangerous in combination with other medications.
  • May trigger memories of past traumatic experiences that involved alcohol, leading to greater distress, increased shame, depression, anxiety or worse.

The extent to which you succeed in becoming a non-drinker will depend largely on your willingness to plan ahead and change your lifestyle. Leave things to chance and you are likely to fall into old habits. With genuine commitment, you can be a successful non-drinker.

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    • Thank you Harry. I am glad you find my posts helpful. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (NIAAA) defines moderate drinking as up to four alcoholic drinks for men and three for women in any single day and a maximum of 14 drinks for men and seven drinks for women per week which is normal for some.


  1. I have never been an alcohol abuser, but… of late, I’ve noticed a tendency to have a drink before bed as that is the only thing that relaxes me enough to fall asleep, though not every day. I keep my bottle hidden, but only because my husband would have it gone in 24 hours. NOT GOOD. The one bottle I have, I’ve had for two, maybe three months and is only half empty. Even so, to me it feels excessive, which it probably is, for me. Before I might have a cocktail only a few times a year. I think it’s possibly my job.

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  2. Alcohol possesses the soul like drugs do as in a demonic format like the Bible warned us all about no different than the “DARE” police officers also known as “READ Books”.

    Hell I have them nailed down to various demons at this point I understand “drug possession” so well which is not limited to street drugs only.

    The long arm of addiction stretches through into Big Pharma also since it teeters into the realm of drug addiction due to so many alternate sources available as opposed to pills.

    But once again some can run without meanwhile some need them for various reasons.

    In the end?

    If you love your demon?

    Then it’s really not an issue but if you feel it’s a problem?

    Then it’s time to stop.

    At which point arises the ultimate hellish part because once that addiction is in there no different than love?

    It’s a hell of a process to break away from.

    Most people end up being addicted to something/someone else healthier but still an addiction like love, traveling, writing etc none the less…

    All things to distract us from ourselves for good reasons, or so I choose to believe for the sake of sanity.

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  3. good post!! i stopped drinking because my body and spirit didn’t get along with it anymore, not even a sip…now in festival ocasions i drink alcohol free. Here in Sweden its growing to make dance parties without alcohol so we can be ourselves in our best. i have been in one and it was a really nice experience because everyone was in the same boat. nobody was evaluating, we were naturally happy without the need to drink to get loose.

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  4. I haven’t had any alcoholic beverages for over 25 years. I’m not an alcoholic. Alcohol gives me migraine headaches. Recently, my husband stopped drinking alcohol because he had his first ever gout attack and my research indicated that it can cause gout. The way it does this is twofold. First, it causes a higher production of purines by the body. Second, it hampers the kidneys’ ability to eliminate purines from the body.
    Personally, from all the other research I have done over the years, I do not believe there is any “safe” amount of alcohol one can consume. My belief is that any amount is bad for your body and health.

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  5. Amen to that. I use to drink in moderation but it never gave me any benefits. Now i just say stay away from alcohol and rather drink a glass of water and feel perfect with it. Keeps your mind clear and your skin far healthier as-wel. great article.

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