Qualities of a Top Performer

High performance employees see quality as a priority in the workplace. They focus on doing a good job to satisfy clients and customers. They concentrate on improving their skills and take the lead when it comes time to make decisions. These characteristics add to their skills and talent to provide innovation and new development within the company or organisation.

Here are a few qualities that top performers exhibit :

  1. They find out what is best for the customer through active listening.
  2. They don’t give up, top performers show resilience and grit even after a few objections.
  3. They show empathy by anticipating customers needs and wants to build better relations with your prospects.
  4. They are prepared with client research to personalise your message and prepare for possible objections during the negotiation process. Refer to a script when necessary.
  5. They are self motivated and competitive, they don’t wait for company direction.
  6. They establish trust through reliability, quality service or products, and a trustworthy billing process.
  7. They ask the right questions to identify a customers reason for decline, and use that knowledge to overcome future obstacles.
  8. They become the authority of the product. Know it inside and out to gain customer trust, confidence and credibility.

Reference : https://www.xant.ai/blog/sales-skills-best-performers/

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  1. One can never be too far off of the target with active listening and relationship building.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Garima says:

      Ah beautiful words. You have the Crux right.


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