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Harmful effects of drinking Coke

It’s time for me to kick Diet Coke and other sodas to the curb. Here’s what happens to your body after you drink coke or related drinks :

Within the first 10 minutes 

  • 10 teaspoons of sugar enter your system. This represents 100% of the daily recommended value. The only reason that you do no vomit due to the excessive amounts of sugar is because the phosphoric acid it contains eliminates the flavour.

Within 20 minutes 

  • Your blood-sugar levels skyrocket, and your liver responds to this explosion of insulin by converting large amounts of sugar into fat.

In less that 40 minutes 

  • The caffeine is completely absorbed; your eyes dilate, your blood pressure shoots up and your live sends more sugar into your bloodstream.

In around 45 minutes 

  • Your body increases it’s production of dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure-feeling centres of your brain, a physical reaction identical to that of heroin.

After 60 minutes 

  • Your feel fatigued as a sugar crash kicks in. 

Will this information impact your diet (or regular) soda consumption? If you cut back, how did you do it?

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    • Though the research is inconsistent, some studies find that the use of artificial sweeteners may contribute to the development of obesity and metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase disease risk

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    • I am happy too that you did stop drinking colas. Among women, this may lead to poor bone development or osteoporosis, a condition characterized by brittle and weak bones.


  1. Actually seeing the effects of soda is really helpful to me, shows me what I’m really doing to my body 😛

    I’ve quit drinking sodas several times only to get right back on the sauce after a few months. It’s truly an addiction that I can’t seem to break! It’s harder to stay away from than smoking, which I quit cold turkey and never looked back.

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    • Hahahha I can understand where you are coming from. It’s addictive for sure. But now I have conditioned my mind in such a way that every time there is an urge to drink a soda I remind myself that it is just empty calories and the muscle soreness I will have at the gym to get rid of them..ahahha


    • Oh that is great. I am hope they do stop consuming coke. Calcium is an essential mineral for strong bones and teeth. Consuming high amounts of phosphoric acid and citric acid, common ingredients in sodas, can deplete the calcium from your bones and decrease calcium absorption.

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  2. This is just by hunch and not validated by any studies of such. I don’t speak of the dark cola’s & the twisted chemical flavors. Was [from your knowledge] the introduction of carbonation into diet due to the sedentary life many humans live now? To help the digestion from a life, as we were designed to be more active, that we are now more inactive? I have noticed a personal benefit to adding carbonation to my quest to being more healthy. I drink a carbonated “water” that has no artificial flavors nor sugars…very faint watermelon flavor. If you can’t pronounce it….do you really want consume it? I realize many people struggle due to the addiction caused by the chemicals [preservatives] laced in food [for shelf life….right] I’ve never had that ‘addiction’…..but it came to be about the benefit of carbonation once in awhile to help stimulate on the less active days. Just wondering your opinion.


    • There is currently no evidence that carbonated or sparkling water is bad for you. It is not really that harmful for dental health and seems to have no effect on bone health. Interestingly, a carbonated drink may even enhance digestion by improving swallowing ability and reducing constipation. It’s also a calorie-free beverage that causes a pleasurable bubbly sensation. Many people prefer it over still water. There’s no reason to give up this beverage if you enjoy it. In fact, it may actually improve your overall health.

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      • Since falling so ill & substandard guidance, I admit, I am a bit leery. Intuition is a beautiful blessing [communicating between body & ‘mind’ –dare I also say, our divine] I tread lightly leaving the least ripples in my wake for I was always overly worried about making “mistake” now I understand it’s the spontaneity that is the beauty of escape…. ‘meditate’……..our senses are a gift ….gaining more knowledge to learn to live w/it. Appreciate your blog & the information you pass along.

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      • It is amazing the connections [or as some claim, filters]…..when swept into the void & experiencing a ‘blackness’ w/out [e]motion…..it’s an understanding of completeness….which path to be led ….need to listen w/in. I would like to stay and share…..help those struggling to balance the chaos created so carelessly.

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      • Its so nice to see you talking about path. When I started by blog few years ago I was intrigued (and I still am) about the inner self and the answers she is giving us all the time. The title of my blog still says “Listen to your inner self, it has all the answers”. What I am realised after a long time is that we just need to be present in the present. That’s it. Your inner self will send the impulses, will make you say things, so things by itself. Isn’t that beautiful?

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      • Yes, being present is truly the gift many do not unwrap…..sometimes it takes the rapture to open up the other side to learn to listen & not be so dense to our own intuition. I have found this journey to be very intense the past months……and accepted the knowledge offered when everyone else left me so very unwell. It’s a puzzle ….all in order & still incomplete…. I do stand a bit perplexed on the magnitude & motivation behind pain, in all of it …..[physically & emotionally]. With the beauty of internet we—-seeking the same —–are gifted validation and further attainment of sharing the knowledge. An unsaid word can still heard…..
        I am glad to have you part of this journey & the beauty of your shares ……[hugs]…..very honored ;]

        My guidance [besides inside myself] has not been from those born of this land [america]….if it had been….I’d be pushing up daisies today. A misconception of whom values the core of us to all survive. They turned a blind eye……mine slowly opening wide [it’s an amazingly beautiful place—–life!!!]

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      • I missed the carbonation more than anything. I’m trying to go straight water I do it when we eat out but at home or at the gym I add flavor packs to my water. not as easy to when off as I did soda. Its the only time I drink chemicals…I never use artificial sweeteners in teas or coffees

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  3. Very helpful information. Price of such cold drinks is more because of their packaging, transportation, taxes, etc., the actual price of liquid in cold drink is very less. In price of cold drink one can eat some healthy food.

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    • Good question Navin. Artificial sweeteners do contain some amount of sugar. Overall, the use of artificial sweeteners poses few risks and may even have benefits for weight loss, blood sugar control, and dental health. … Some people may feel bad or experience negative effects after consuming artificial sweeteners, even though they are safe and well-tolerated by most people.


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