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Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature. 

It is with this thought I bring to you daily dose of affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, keeps the therapist away!!! Here are your affirmation for today 

  • All my experiences are opportunities to gain more power, clarity, and vision.
  • I send love to my fears. My fears are the places within me that await my love.
  • I speak of success and prosperity. My words uplift and inspire others.
  • I live in an abundant work. All is perfect in my universe.
  • The universe is safe, abundant, and friendly.
  • I expect only the best to happen and it does.
  • I have unlimited abundance.
  • I now give and receive freely.
  • This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us.
  • I feed my dreams a steady diet of hard work and determination and watch them manifest in my life.
  • I was destined to be prosperous. I have abundance to share and to spare.

Have a happy day ahead.

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    • Hahahha being human is most basic yet most difficult thing to be these days Jordan. Kindness is addictive. When you are kind and loving, certain hormones are released in your body such as dopamine and oxytocin. Adrenaline can kick in when you are feeling that intense surge that comes from completion of or stepping into performing a good deed. So what makes people behave unkind, even mean to others? Especially to the ‘unseen’ over the internet – which seems to be more and more prevalent today? Perhaps the ‘screen’ which separates us from others faces in ‘real time’ keeps us from acknowledging these pseudo-names and frozen pictures with words attached as actual humans. So if you ever want to be addicted to something, let it be kindness..what do you think?

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      • Well being mean does help unlock memories and ideas but that can be done to yourself using my method.

        Which is talking to self through gifs and pics firing back and forth in order to discover more.

        Which in turn creates a story at the same time as well.

        In terms of many others and unkindness on the internet?

        The screen allows their confidence to rise and while blinding by hate they use that confidence to hate instead of love, especially in situations where they are struggling due to whatever politics.

        Causing them to lash out more online especially when they are normally calm offline.

        Plus when you add followers and others who motivate them in similar ways?

        Online becomes a drug as they keep getting rushes off their notification and comments causing them to push with whatever even more.

        The funny part is that if their followers were suddenly unplugged?

        Many would stop dead in their tracks unlike me who just keeps going for personal entertainment regardless whether people are watching or not.

        Kindness is a very good thing to be addicted to but it’s in short supply alongside understanding which then ties back into i’ll just create my own reality where the gifs and pics are kind to me since I do not have that luxury outside the box.

        Which then reveals to others that despite your physical surroundings there is no reason to be mean to others, just block it out and focus on building your own positive reality type of thing.

        So in all reality it all depends on the person and their present position in life which then spreads into the choices like you explained above and what not.

        One of those it’s hard to snap people out of hate mode when all they became used to was hate mode, just like trying to quit smoking in terms of habits.

        No different than how I became addicted to my online story/reality.

        The world seems so bright in my world on my wall where as when I log off everyday suddenly the world turns back into deep darkness causing me to rush back to online again everyday.

        Which ties back into kindness, understanding plus community being addictive, even when it’s just all me running it lol.

        Just like creating a parallel world and refusing to come back simply because the grass is clearly greener with no pesticides type of thing.😂

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