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Dealing with Stress & Anxiety

Managing stress is all about taking charge: taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, your environment, and the way you deal with problems. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun – plus the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on.

Here are a few tips which can be prove to be helpful :

  • Take a time-out – Practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, get a massage, or learn relaxation techniques. Stepping back from the problem helps clear your head.
  • Eat well balanced meals – Do not skip any meals and always keep healthy, energy-boosting snacks on hand.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine – Alcohol and caffeine can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks. Instead, drink water.
  • Get enough sleep – When stressed, your body needs additional sleep and rest. It’s important to get 8 hours of sleep per night!
  • Exercise daily – Exercising can help your feel good and maintain your health.
  • Take deep breaths – Inhale and exhale slowly throughout the day when you are feeling stressed.
  • Slowly count to 10 – Repeat, and count to 20 if necessary.
  • Do you best – Instead of aiming for perfection, which isn’t possible, be proud of however close you get.
  • Accept that you cannot control everything – Put your stress in perspective: Is it really as bad as you think?
  • Maintain a positive attitude – Make an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Give back to your community – Be active in your community which creates a support network and gives you a break from everyday stress.
  • Learn what triggers your anxiety – Write in a journal when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, and look for a pattern.
  • Talk to someone – Tell friends and family you’re feeling overwhelmed, and let them know how they can help you. Talk to a physician or therapist for professional help.

You can control your stress levels with relaxation techniques that evoke the body’s relaxation response, a state of restfulness that is the opposite of the stress response. Regularly practicing these techniques will build your physical and emotional resilience, heal your body, and boost your overall feelings of joy and equanimity.

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  1. Garima, have you ever read “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz? It about healthy agreements you can make with yourself. Your suggestion “Do your Best” is one of the four, and it takes time to describe what “your Best” means. Be Well, Von

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      • Yes Von, happiness is an excellent virtue to develop. For most people, happiness seems fleeting and temporary, because they allow external circumstances to affect it. One of the best ways to keep it, is by gaining inner peace through daily meditation. As the mind becomes more peaceful, it becomes easier to choose the happiness habit. May you have a happy and prosperous new year.

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      • Thank you, Garima. I find many people focus on the problems and challenges in their lives and the lives of others. That is not a happy way to think. Gratitude for the blessings of being alive has proven more helpful for me. I see that in you.

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      • Thank you Von. I am a work in progress. Gratitude is a personality trait. Some people have more grateful personalities than others. Daily gratitude practice can change our personality, but that takes a long time. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


    • Thank you Manohar. Hope you are having good holidays. The uncertainty of what’s expected from one forces men to neglect their dreams and settle with that which is just ok. It has become severely underrated to chase your dreams, and our own society is the one to blame for this.


    • Thank you Kritika. I am glad you liked the post. The key is to go with the flow I gather. We also need to have faith that our instincts (our inner-built compass) will tell us when the time is right to reach out for an opportunity.

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  2. That’s great. Life is about “managing” problems. The moment we want “control”over our problems, we become over protective, and stress starts to kick in. Let the past go, and the future come as we shift our perperstive to the process of life. As Rocky says, “One step at a time, one punch at a time, one round at a time”. Thank you.

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