Scientific Benefits of Breathing

Breathing is the single most important act that we do every day. We cannot go even 3 minutes without breathing. However, we do not pay much attention to breathing since it happens automatically. There is a lot more to breath than we know. In particular, it is a powerful way to control the mind.

We intuitively know this : it is why we commonly use expressions like “take a deep breath” when people are anxious or angry is common. Scientific research is showing that breathing may just be the secret to better health and a more peaceful and productive mind.

Here’s how breathing helps you control your mind :

  • Neither in school, at work or at home have we been taught how to deal with strong emotions like anger, anxiety or fear.
  • We can try to “talk ourselves” out of these states but think about how successful you are at talking yourself out of a state of rage or nervousness. It’s hard!
  • Research shows that the breath, however, can help! Since it is so difficult “talk” our way out of our feelings, we can learn to “breathe” our way through them.
  • One study showed that different emotions are linked to different patterns of breath and that, conversely, changing the breath can change our emotions! In other words, breath is a secret to regulating and gaining control over our emotions! We can change how we feel using our breath.

Of course, breathing is not the answer to every medical problem. But, the breath isn’t something Western medicine should blow off. It’s a powerful tool for influencing individual health and well-being. And the best part is all the ingredients are free and literally right under your nose.

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  1. Hi Garima,

    It makes me think of that Sting song, Every Breath You Take. The little things move so many other huge issues, like taking the next breath when uncertainty arises

    Thank you,



  2. I totally agree with you Garima! This method has helped me a lot during my difficult times, but I had lost touch with it recently. Thank you very much for bringing back the reminder 😊 Have a nice day!! Xx

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    • I am glad you found it useful Vihani. Take a deep breath in. Now let it out. You may notice a difference in how you feel already. Your breath is a powerful tool to ease stress and make you feel less anxious. Some simple breathing exercises can make a big difference if you make them part of your regular routine.

      Before you get started, keep these tips in mind:

      Choose a place to do your breathing exercise. It could be in your bed, on your living room floor, or in a comfortable chair.
      Don’t force it. This can make you feel more stressed.
      Try to do it at the same time once or twice a day.
      Wear comfortable clothes.
      Many breathing exercises take only a few minutes. When you have more time, you can do them for 10 minutes or more to get even greater benefits.


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