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Spiritual Life Awakening

By life awakening I mean realising that things around us are often very different than they seem. It is beginning to see in-between lines and underneath the surface. It is understanding what life is all about, discovering and connecting the various pieces of the truth about life -the truth that some people will never see because they are not looking properly.

Life awakening is understanding how our mind and our heart really work. It is discovering how we can create a happier reality and much more. Everybody knows something about this but there is always more to discover. Here are a few things which you might experience when going through a spiritual awakening :

  • You seek the truth of who you really are at your soul level.
  • You start noticing the magic all around you in synchronicities, signs, in nature.
  • You let go of jobs, places, situations, and people that no longer resonate.
  • You release old limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns.
  • You may start your own business or move and live in a completely different place.
  • You meet people that come to help you in your ascension journey.
  • You realise you have to go deeper into yourself like never before and feel all emotions as they arise.
  • You feel alone sometimes, and other times extremely connected with everyone and everything.
  • You try new ways of eating, new activities, new ways of living.
  • In the beginning you’ll seek answers everywhere, but as you ascend, you’ll start seeking the answers within yourself.
  • You develop a deep trust in your journey and the Universe, even if you don’t know how things will unfold.
  • You start living from the heart and unconditionally loving yourself

Spiritual awakening is a noticeable expansion of one’s own consciousness and capacity to emit & receive love energy. It is mainly through our open heart and expanded consciousness that we connect and then merge with higher parts of ourselves. You got to experience it to know what is it.

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    • Most welcome Summer.
      Soul awakening is an intriguing concept that could be defined in various ways. Many of us are at a loss to describe it. When we awaken to the realization that there is more to life than meets the eye, we enter a process of transformation that awakens the soul and our ability to integrate higher levels of awareness.

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  1. I am loving these affirmations every day. They make me feel so positive. As a disabled person in a wheelchair I am limited in physical activity but that doesn’t stop me feeling better just reading these. Thank you!

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  2. great post!!unfortunatly i am leting go of a person because our energy does not resonate anymore… when one is spiritually awaken we cant force the other person to do the same.. we can plant a seed of spirituality and understanding and hope with time they will also waken up to this enlightened journey. πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒˆπŸ’œ

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  3. i also have a question for you.can a person be too spiritual or only spiritual in its own ways? i wonder if there is anylevel of spirituality or is this just an illusion? because some people around me see me as too much spiritual…😡😡😡………….

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