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Use Social Media Safely

Social network sites are unarguably an inseparable part of our lives now. Some people indeed choose not to use them, but there are huge benefits of using one. However, the social medias come as double-edged sword. If you’re using it not wise enough, it may actually ended up hurting yourself.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to use social medias wisely and more beneficially. Here are few ways to stay healthy and wise with social media :

  • Limit the time you spend on social media. Ha, but it doesn’t get simpler than this. Check objectively how much time you spend on each platform. Try setting yourself a time limit that suits your life best. There are plenty of apps to help with this.
  • Monitor where you see social media most. Commit to not checking social media during meals with family and friends, and when playing with children or talking with a partner.
  • No screens in the bedroom. Don’t keep your phone or computer in the bedroom, as it can’t disrupt your sleep.
  • Try having a detox. Go for a few days without social media. See how you feel. If you start to have anxiety you might have the case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Watch yourself for signs of addiction.
  • Pay attention to how you feel. If whatever you seeing makes you feel worst, not good enough, anxious then stop it. There is no reason for you to feel this way. Content that doesn’t benefit your life, doesn’t have a place in it at all.
  • Clean your feed. Over time you find yourself having lots of online friends, organisations, businesses that you follow. Some content might still be interesting, other might be not relevant, boring or simply annoying. Clean, delete, unfollow often. It’s like cleaning your closet, it’s good for your head.
  • Turn off notifications. There is nothing so important that you have to know about it the minute it appears online. Live your life on your own schedule, don’t be chained to the cell phone.
  • Go outside and meet with people. Invite your friend for a coffee, go out, see people, go for a date. Don’t limit your social interaction only to online.

Don’t post things that can put you in danger as well, like “I’m home alone now,” “Nobody’s home,” etc. There are real cases that some people take advantage of these situations to commit crime you don’t want one. Do you have any advices of your own? Feel free to share it in the comments.

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  1. “Content that doesn’t benefit your life, doesn’t have a place in it at all.” So well said! I write about this daily, our right to protect and manage our time, so much that I have a book coming out, Meditations for Writers, about our right to boundaries on internet use.

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  2. Very helpful article Garima. I limited my use of social media few years back and found more meaning in my life after doing it. And a lot of free time to spend on my self development and interactions with friends and family. Just like you have mentioned I believe that it’s all about finding the balance. To have healthy limits on our social media usage.

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing this very important message.

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    • Thanks Vihani. It’s also important to follow the right people in social media. Follow people and things that bring you joy. A lot of social media content is highly curated and may represent lifestyles and attitudes that don’t exist. To account for this, consider limiting the number of people you follow on social media. This could mean only following those who are close to you, make you feel good, and will be there when you need them.


    • I agree Manoj. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Researchers discovered something frightening about Facebook addiction: one in three people felt worse after visiting Facebook and more dissatisfied with their lives.
      Certainly, not every interaction with Facebook is a negative one. But typically, our own experience validates their research. From family happiness to body image to vacation destinations to the silly number of birthday greetings on a Facebook wall, the opportunity for envy presents itself often on social media. Powering-down for a period of time provides an opportunity to reset and refocus appreciation and gratitude for the lives we have been given. It allows us to remember how to be happy without all the screens.


    • That is a very good practice. “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” —Anne Lamott

      Technology has some wonderful benefits. I use it almost every day. And I would never, ever argue against the responsible use of it.
      However, that being said, it is becoming increasingly obvious that our world is developing an unhealthy attachment to it. Addiction to our technology and overall cell phone addiction is becoming too common.


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