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Health Benefits of Pickles

Pickling is a time-honored way of preserving foods for an extended period of time without refrigeration. Traditionally, it was used to ensure a food supply during times when fresh food would be unavailable, such as over the winter or on a long voyage. You can pickle just about anything: fruits, vegetables, even meat and fish. 

Here are a few benefits of adding pickles to your diet :

  • They contain vitamin K which supports blood clotting and bone health. A pickle spear contains about 15% of our daily needs.
  • They are packed with probiotics which support our gut microbiome and overall digestive health. All fermented foods contain these healthy bacteria.
  • It is gut friendly. It also stabilises blood sugar levels and supports metabolic health. Vinegar (which pickles are made in) can decrease blood sugar spikes after eating.
  • They are vegetables which is essential for our health and weight loss. A pickle spear equals 1/4 cup of vegetables.
  • It boosts hydration by replenishing electrolytes. Pickles contain water and sodium to help our bodies stay hydrated and store electrolytes.

Excessive intake of pickles can cause anemia, excessive thirsts, visual impairment, and may also cause osteoporosis. Know your portions. Take care.

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    • Yes For years, athletes have been drinking pickle juice to relieve muscle cramps after exercising, and it is one of the multiple health benefits. The juice contains vinegar, which is fermented, and good for your gut. Researchers also found that pickle juice can slow down gastric emptying.

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