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Health Benefits of Rice Milk

A lot of people know that they can make their own almond or nut milk- did you know that you can also make your own rice milk? Rice milk is a grain milk made by processing rice. You probably already have the ingredients at home, it’s super inexpensive- just a fraction of the price that rice milk sells for at stores!

Why rice milk? Because it has various health benefits. Here is a list of this superfood :

  • Protects your skin. Rice milk has ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Traditionally, people used rice milk for skin treatment. Rice milk has one of the most crucial components that protect the skin from UV light, the papa aminobenzoic acid.
  • Anti-aging properties. Besides, the UV skin protection property, rice milk also contains inositol, an ingredient that boosts cell regeneration and maintain a good flow of blood within the human body.
  • Boosts energy. Rice milk contains high carbohydrates and sugar, and that can boost your energy on a daily basis. Rice milk is one of the best drinks to boost your energy especially if you are athletic.
  • For healthy digestive system. Rice milk helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It revitalises and cleanses our intestines for a smooth flow of digestion. It prevents bloating by combating the gases that accumulate from unhealthy eating patterns.
  • Keeps your heart healthy. Rice milk contains low fat, and it does not contain any cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin E and magnesium, the two micronutrients that are responsible for a healthy heart.
  • Prevents chronic diseases. Rice milk contains several antioxidants that are usually contained in rice and can help in boosting the overall performance of your immune system. These antioxidants help the body to resist inflammation and oxidative stress, the main culprits of chronic diseases.
  • Strengthens your immunity. Rice milk contains numerous vital elements for boosting your immunity. It protects you from allergies and viral infections that lower the immunity of your body. Rice milk is an effective way to keep your body’s immunity strong.
  • Aids in weight loss. A good thing about rice milk is that it’s low in calories and does give your body energy to push through the day. When you drink rice milk, you get the necessary nutrition needed for your body while cutting off the extra weight.
  • Boosts milk production for breast feeding. Be it home prepared or store bought rice milk, rice milk would successfully help boost milk percentage in a mother’s breasts. Rice milk also nourishes the baby and the mother too.
  • Prevents cancer. Rice milk contains selenium and manganese. These two elements are the potent antioxidants in inhibiting cancer causing agents and any other carcinogenic exposures.

Any experiences with rice milk in the past? Do leave a comment or feedback.

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    • Boiling rice water has numerous health benefits to offer. All you need to do is boil three tablespoons of rice in two cups of water. Allow it to boil for 20-30 minutes. Do not add salt or butter to it. When the water starts to turn milky white, strain it, allow it to cool and drink it. Some people prefer soaking the rice in water for 30 minutes but it is believed that maximum benefits can be reaped by boiling the same. So now that you know how exactly rice water is prepared, you must use it to your benefit! Yes, there’s a wide range of health benefits rice water has to offer.

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  1. I would definitely like to try it. I have never had store-bought rice milk. I think I have always stayed away from it because rice seems to have a bad reputation when it comes to “healthy eating”. Growing up we had rice quite often at meals. Thanks for sharing. And I want to check out making almond milk!

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    • I am glad you liked it. Though not much hard research exists, rice water is said to provide energy, help with stomach issues like bloating and constipation and diarrhea, help protect from the sun and regulate body temperature. However, it seems as though the biggest boon for rice water lays in its skin and hair benefits.

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      • I don’t know about your cooking but the last time I made rice, all the water was absorbed, and I was left with my perfectly cooked rice. So obviously you have to go about making rice water differently, using way more liquid than rice requires. Put two or three tablespoons of whatever white rice you have on hand — simple white, sushi rice, jasmine or basmati for example — into a small saucepan and add two cups of water. You can try purified or distilled water or regular filtered tap or bottle water.

        Don’t add butter or salt. It’s the starch from the rice we’re after, not added ingredients. Boil for 20-30 minutes until the water becomes a milky white liquid. Some people don’t even bother with the boiling and instead simply soak the rice for 30 minutes. However, some proponents insist that boiling draws out more of the starches from the rice into the water.

        Regardless of your method, strain the rice after the allotted time, reserving the water. You may be able to use the rice in recipes like soups or for sushi, otherwise discard. Cool the rice water and store in a glass jar with lid. Keep in the refrigerator up to four days.


    • Hey Jolie, thank you for asking the question. To enjoy these wonderful beauty benefits of rice water, all you have to do is just collect the water that you use to rinse your rice. To make rice water, you will need: 1/2 cup uncooked rice (brown, white, basmati, long grain, short grain, jasmine, or whatever you have) 2 to 3 cups water.

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