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First Impressions

Many people feel really bad when someone judges them incorrectly based on the first impression. As a result Some of those people might believe that they are unattractive while others might reinforce this idea if it was already present. 

According to the psychology of first impression many other factors affect the way people judge you apart from your looks. This means that someone could judge you incorrectly because of a factor that is not by any means related to you. If someone ever judged you in a bad way based on the first impression then learning about the first impression psychology will help you feel better.

Here are a few things that you should think about while making that first impression :

  • Be super conscious – Think about how you look and sound when you introduce yourself. It’s something you tend to do the same way every time. Ask someone to watch you next time you introduce yourself. Then get some feedback.
  • Facial expressions – Try to smile and have a positive expression. Some people do this naturally because of their personality, others have to work at it. Think about where you stand here and make the necessary adjustments, it’s worth it.
  • Eye contact – You can give a huge amount away with your eye contact. Looking the person directly in the eye tells them you’re confident, you’re comfortable and you’re glad to meet them. Looking away tells them the exact opposite.
  • Message – It’s essential you say your name. Listen when they tell you their name. Then remember it and use it when you address them. If you’re the only person in the room to remember names, you’ll stand apart from the rest.
  • Voice – Speak clearly and loudly enough. Don’t mumble or speak so quietly that you can’t be heard. Practice speaking clearly and perhaps slightly louder than you normally might if you see yourself as a quiet person.
  • Posture – Some people look apologetic before they’ve even spoken. Stand tall. Try to physically pull your shoulders back and raise your chin when you introduce yourself. This will send out a much more positive message.
  • Distance – Don’t invade the person’s personal space. This could make them feel under pressure. At the same time, don’t stand so far away that it makes sharing their hand awkward. Just find a distance that feel comfortable.
  • Be Disciplined – Have the self disciplined to use the second or two before the person shakes your hand to prepare yourself. Remind yourself of the things you should be doing to look impressive. And don’t forget a firm handshake.

The good news is that the first impression can be changed in seconds. Researchers have found out that once your personality traits start to show up people correct the mistakes they did when forming the first impression of you. It was found that after people get to know each other well they find interesting people more attractive than those with bad personality traits. This means that our perception of looks can change once we know more about the person. So if someone tried to convince you that first impression last forever just tell him that according to psychology it doesn’t.


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    • I am glad you liked it. First impressions have the ability to make or break a business, and a positive experience can create long-lasting business relationships. … Making a good first impression is particularly important when it comes to meeting customers, pitching to potential clients, or during interviews.

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    • Impressions are the metric used most widely in public relations. Public relations puts content out into the world and if the content is timely, relevant, and engaging, the content will perform well. The media then picks it up and drives impressions for the brand based on the content.


    • Glad you liked it Denny. If you want to make a good impression first time round make sure you are professional, and confident in yourself and your business. Take the time to research potential clients or employers, and be clear how your services can be invaluable to them, rather than dwelling on what others can’t do, this will create positivity from the outset. It is also important to constantly evaluate the ways in which your business communicates; practice on others if needs be, and make sure you have confidence in what you’re providing.


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