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Benefits of Fasting

People have fasted as a spiritual practice since ancient times. Today, there are a lot of people claiming that fasting also has a lot of health benefits. And, in fact, research shows that short fasts, lasting anywhere from 20 to 36 hours can in fact reduce some risks for heart disease and diabetes and maybe even cancer.

Here are a few benefits of fasting :

  • Longevity – Research shows that fasting forces the body to produce new cells and dispose of the damaged ones, leaving you with a new and improved immune system. This could be the secret to longevity.
  • Heart Health – Fasting can treat hypertension by normalising blood pressure. It can also improve cholesterol levels and treat atherosclerosis.
  • Brain Health – Fasting boosts mental clarity, improves concentration and focus. Research shows that fasting eliminates damaged cells and increases the production of new stem cells. This is particularly beneficial for the brain and for the prevention of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Fight Inflammation – Fasting helps reduce inflammation in the body, treating long time injuries, swellings, and different pains and aches. Fasting improves conditions such as arthritis, joint pain and back aches.
  • Detoxification – Fasting cleanses you at a cellular level. Toxins from environmental pollutants, food additives, medication etc. are stores in the body and accumulate. Fasting encourages the elimination of all that waste, which improves health greatly.
  • Prevention – Research show that fasting can help prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.
  • Treatment of Diabetes – Fasting can reduce blood sugar levels, encourage weight loss and to improve overall health, which is all limned to the management of type 2 diabetes.
  • Weight Loss – Fasting encourage healthy weight loss and fat burning. After 2-3 days of fasting, the body will burn fat cells for energy. People tend to lose 10 points during a 7-day fast.

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    • Fasting can be a safe way to lose weight as many studies have shown that intermittent fasting – fasting that is controlled within a set number of hours – allows the body to burn through fat cells more effectively than just regular dieting. Intermittent fasting allows the body to use fat as it’s primary source of energy instead of sugar. Many athletes now use fasting as means to hitting low body fat percentages for competitions.


    • Fasting has become increasingly popular over the years, especially among the health community. Whilst most health practitioners are afraid to recommend eating less due to the stigma involved, it still doesn’t alleviate the incredible benefits of fasting when used sensibly. Thank you Neha.

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    • Yes Gary, fasting has many benefits and our bodies change with age. Surprisingly, research suggests that the effect of intermittent fasting has the same or less negative effects on metabolism compared to traditional dieting. The reason why many think intermittent fasting improves metabolism is due to less loss of lean body mass and greater fat burning. It’s impossible to lose weight without losing a little lean body mass, but research suggests that a lower percentage of lean body mass is lost when losing weight with intermittent fasting than with traditional dieting. Preserving more lean body mass means the body’s calorie-burning slows less. At the same time, short fasting periods cause the body to tap into fat stores and burn a greater percentage of fat mass for energy.


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