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How to Become More Likeable

Likability. It’s something we’re all worried about, because to survive we must have the approval of at least some other people. The good news is you have a lot more power than you think to make people like you. And it doesn’t cost any money at all to do most of these things.The bad news is that to become more likeable, you’ll probably have to change. Since the fact that you worry about this means that you’re doing some stuff incorrectly. But that’s alright, life is about learning and growing.

Here are a few ways to become more likeable :

  • Be Polite With the People You Meet – Always start off your conversation by greeting the people you meet. Do not ignore them even if they are just acquaintances to you. This simple little act can provide a good impression on you and enhance friendliness. People will be more likely to approach you first when you meet them next time.
  • Respect Their Opinions – When people are contributing their opinions and suggestions during a meeting regardless of whether he/she is a junior or senior, do not go against their ideas even if you think it is incorrect. Start with an opening such as “This is a great but we can improve by adding this element…..” Also recognise their contributions and appreciate their participation in the meeting too.
  • Compliment People When Necessary – People need encouragement and motivation all the time to carry on with their work. How? One suggestion is to use compliments, which are a good way to recognise someone’s contribution and hard work. Giving them a compliment after they provide a suggestion or after they completed an assignment could give them motivation. A simple sentence of “good job” could brighten their dull working day so much.
  • Make Yourself Approachable by Smiling – It’s time to give your face some exercise! By smiling, people will be more likely to approach you. Even if you are just a stranger them, your smile could attract them to initiate a conversation first because a smile could emit the radiance of friendliness and warmth.
  • Remember Names – You cannot imagine how approachable you can be when you remember someone’s name. Remembering names imply that you are not ignoring the presence of a person. Always address people by their name larger than by just using plain pronouns.
  • Make Frequent Eye Contact – Look into someone’s eyes when he/she is talking to you or to a crowd of people during meeting. Making eye contact encourages speakers to have the motivation to continue with their speech as their presence is not disregarded. But please don’t confuse eye contact with staring. Staring will frighten the speakers and let them misunderstand that the content of their speech is inappropriate.


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  1. So much hard work why do one has to change … why can’t they find same kind of people they are themselves won’t that be a good alternative ? While I like the way wrote the article I feel like people are who are and if we have to repsect them as you suggest dotn webahve to accept how they are?

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      • That’s the awesomest point here … when I am working my fav statement is iam here to work and get the job done … it’s good that i am liked but my priority is to get the job done right and in timely manner 🙂

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      • The biggest disservice you can do yourself is shapeshifting to please your “audience” of the moment. It’s exhausting (even to watch) and, more importantly, pointless. No one will get to know who you really are, which will leave you feeling empty. I believe people are good at heart. Still, it’s human nature to test each other’s boundaries. When you’re willing to risk being disliked, you’re able to say no when you need to. Your yeses and nos shapes your future, so choose them wisely.

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