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Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks due to its pleasant taste and perceived health effects.Β The health benefits ascribed to the consumption of teas may be related to the high content of bioactive ingredients such as polyphenols. Polyphenols have been reported to possess antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory activities; modulate detoxification enzymes; stimulate immune function and decrease platelet aggregation.

Here is a list of different types of tea and their health benefits :

  • Jasmine – This tea supports mental focus, provides calm energy and supports immune system.
  • Sencha – This tea acts like a probiotic, regulates ghrelin which is the hunger hormone and supports thermogenesis (rate at which you burn calories) and healthy metabolism.
  • Mint Green – This tea supports healthy blood sugar; aids with sugar cravings and appetite suggestions.
  • Ear Grey – This tea supports auto-Nagy; prebiotic; excellent morning energy boost without jitters.
  • English Breakfast – This tea acts like a prebiotic and provides sustained energy; supports healthy blood sugar.
  • Sacred Lily Oolong – This tea supports malabsorption of fats; protects against free radical damage.
  • White Peony – This tea supports immune system, protects against free radicals and supports weight management.
  • Hibiscus Mint (Hibiscus Beauty Elixir) – This tea supports healthy skin and kidneys and supports anti-inflammatory response.
  • Vanilla Rooibos (Roobios Immunity Elixir) – This tea protects against free radical damage, alleviates allergies and supports healthy skin and hair.
  • Ginger Citrus (Ginger Digestion Elixir) – This tea enhances digestion and soothes stomach discomfort.
  • Sun Goddess Matcha – This tea supports deep mental focus and awareness, provides a calming effect. It also promotes thermogenesis and supports detoxification.
  • Ginger Green Fasting Tea – This tea enhances digestion & suppresses appetite.
  • Matcha Green Fasting Tea – This tea boosts thermogenesis (rate at which you burn calories and suppresses appetite.

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    • Tea seems to solve just about any problem. Stressful day at work? Curl up with a warm mug. Feeling sluggish? Perk up with a matcha latte. Under the weather? Soothe a sore throat with some tea and honey. The medicinal benefits of tea, no matter the variety, have been known for thousands of years. And now, modern science is backing up a lot of those benefits.

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    • Ah me too. Peppermint tea is naturally calorie-free and has a pleasantly sweet flavor, which makes it a smart choice when you’re trying to lose weight. More research is needed on peppermint and weight loss. Summary Peppermint tea is a calorie-free beverage that may help satisfy your sweet tooth and reduce your appetite.

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