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Slow Aging Naturally

Wrinkles and sagging skin isn’t just a sign of aging, it indicates inflammation, stress and a poor diet. Skip the expensive treatment and slow the aging process naturally with these steps.

  • Ditch the Sugar – Excess sugar dehydrates our natural supply of with collagen and elastin, making your skin lose its elasticity. Cut back on the sweet stuff and watch you skin go from dull to vibrant!
  • Go Gluten Free – Wheat and other starches can spike blood sugar levels, making it harder for important skin tightening minerals to be absorbed by the body, Swap the breads and pasta for veggies.
  • Drink More Water – Chronic dehydration is a common culprit of aging skin. Drink more water to help to restore elasticity to the skin and add a more youthful glow. Aim for about 2L (or 8 cups) of water a day.
  • Reduce Stress – When you’re stressed, cortisol surges through your body, robbing it of essential minerals needed for healthy glowing skin. Reduce stress through meditation, yoga, walking outside or enjoying a hot bath before bed.
  • Load Up on Antioxidants – Every day we’re exposed to numerous toxins that create free radical damage, causing premature aging. Fight back by loading up on a variety of fruits and vegetables to ensure you’re giving your body enough nutrients.
  • Eat More Protein – Protein is essential for repairing and constructing tissue, and it helps keep cortisol levels in check. Eat lots of seafood, chicken, eggs and broccoli to reduce sagging skin and prevent premature aging.
  • Lift More Weights – Weight lifting is great for tightening skin. Having lean muscle mass means you burn calories more efficiently, keeping you healthy.
  • Use Natural Beauty Remedies – Toxic chemicals are found in many beauty care products, making our skin age at a faster rate. Toss your store bought lotions and creams and make your own skincare products from natural, safe ingredients, like coconut oil and raw honey.
  • Get More Sleep – Not getting enough sleep? It could cause a hormonal cascade that increases cortisol levels, robbing you of your glow. Create a night time ritual to help you unwind before bed, then get ready for healing, restorative sleep.
  • Eat More Fat – Healthy fatty acids like avocados, fish and olive oil help nourish the skin internally, leading to more radiant skin.

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    • For three nonconsecutive days a week, you must fast for 16 hours to kick-start autophagy. For instance, if you eat dinner at 8 p.m., you wouldn’t eat again until noon the next day. On fasting days, you also eat less protein. Restricting calories and protein forces the body to burn fat for nourishment; if done properly, your body will selectively self-cannibalize, feasting on wrinkle- and fat-causing debris that’s floating around in your cells (as opposed to, say, noshing on your muscles). Glad you liked it.

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    • Glad you liked it Haroon. You can’t do anything about your chronological age, but it might be possible to turn back the clock on “biological age,” a small new study suggests. The study found that a drug regimen appeared to reverse biological age, as measured by changes to DNA that accumulate as we get older.


    • Hey Zizi, I was travelling. Yes it was refreshing till it was cut short due to CoVID 19. In self isolation currently. But it’s refreshing to back. Thank you. Hope you are safe.


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