Understanding Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, raises your risk
of heart disease, stroke, and other serious conditions. So it’s very important to take the medication your doctor has prescribed. Those are the first steps to getting your high blood pressure under control. But before you are tackle this mountain which puts a pressure on your heart, let’s try to learn more about it.

120/80 – This magic number is the normal blood pressure.

  • The top number on a blood pressure reading – 120 is your systolic blood pressure. This is a measurement of the pressure your blood puts on the walls of your blood vessels when your heart contracts and pushes blood through your body.
  • The bottom number on a blood pressure reading – 80 is your diastolic blood pressure. This is a measurement of the pressure your blood puts on the walls of your blood vessels when your heart relaxes and refills with blood.

Ranges of Blood Pressure

  • Normal is Systolic : less than 120mmHg & Diastolic : less than 80mmHg.
  • At Risk : Systolic : 120-139mmHg & Diastolic : 80-89mmHg.
  • High : Systolic : over 140mmHg & Diastolic : over 90mmHg.
  • With blood pressure in the “at risk” and “high” range, diagnosis are made for prehypertension or hypertension.


  • Only 52% of those with high blood pressure have the condition under control.
  • 1 in every 3 adults has high blood pressure.
  • Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. It often has no signs or symptoms.
  • Hypertension increases your risk for having your first heart attack, first stroke, chronic heart failure and kidney disease.

Risk for Developing Hypertension :

  1. Lifestyle
  • Diet : Eating on unhealthy diet, eating too much sodium or too little potassium.
  • Weight : Being overweight & obese.
  • Alcohol : Drinking too much alcohol.
  • Tobacco : Using Tobacco.

2. Family History

  • If members of your family have high blood pressure, you are at a higher risk for developing it as well.

3. Medical Conditions

  • Chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, or sleep apnea can increase your risk of developing hypertension.

4. Others

  • Age : As you get older you are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure
  • Race or ethnicity : African Americans are at higher risk of hypertension than whites, Hispanics, or Asians.

Prevention : Hypertension can be prevented and often treated by leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes :

  • Not smoking and limited alcohol intake.
  • Physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight and BMI, further decreasing your risk of hypertension.
  • Healthy diet. A right amount of sodium and potassium in your diet can help lower your blood pressure.

Reference : http://www.itriagehealth.com

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  1. Tami says:

    Great Post. Very Informative.


    1. Garima says:

      Glad you liked it. These are the basics that everyone should know. Blood pressure is important because the higher your blood pressure is, the higher your risk of health problems in the future. If your blood pressure is high, it is putting extra strain on your arteries and on your heart. This may also cause a heart attack or stroke.

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  2. Rejoy Dey says:

    Everyone is hyped upon hypertension, but what I’ll does it actually cause?
    BTW amazing 👌


    1. Garima says:

      Common factors that can lead to high blood pressure include: A diet high in salt, fat, and/or cholesterol. Chronic conditions such as kidney and hormone problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Family history, especially if your parents or other close relatives have high blood pressure.


      1. Rejoy Dey says:

        Thank you very much. Very informative indeed.

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      2. Garima says:

        Most welcome.


      3. Rejoy Dey says:

        And you are welcome to my blog. Do spend some quality time and check out my other posts. 😄

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      4. Garima says:

        Sure. Thank you.


  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Garima says:

      Glad you found it useful.


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