Tips for Maintaining Good Skin Care

Good skin care is essential to graceful aging. Babies have smooth, soft skin that is wrinkle free and moist. Over time harsh elements in the environment wear on the skin making is dryer and tougher. With age comes wrinkles and sagging in the skin. Good skin care can slow down the harmful effects of time and the environment.

Here are some tips for maintaining good skin health :

  • Avoid soaps labeled “antibacterial” or “antimi- crobial.” These tend to reduce the skin’s acidity, which acts as a protection from infection.
  • Keep the skin clean and dry. Wash with soap and water daily, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Skin folds or creases (as in the groin area and underarms) need washing more frequently twice a day, morning and bedtime. Rashes can easily form in these areas because of increased moisture and warmth. Increasing the air circula- tion to these areas to help prevent rashes can be accomplished by positioning the arms and legs so the skin surfaces are separated. For example, use the “frog” position to air the groin area. Air these areas two times a day.
  • Avoid using items that may dry the skin — for example, harsh soaps or alcohol based products such as lotions.
  • Lubricate dry skin with moisturising creams or ointments. Use care in applying creams over bony areas, since they may soften the skin and promote skin breakdown.
  • Avoid using talc powders, as they may support yeast growth. They can also “cake up” and keep moisture in, causing skin breakdown.
  • Finger and toe nails require special care. Soak them and rub gently with a towel to remove dead skin and decrease the chance of hangnails forming. Nails are easier to cut after soaking; be sure to cut them straight across to avoid ingrown nails, and keep them short for safety.

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