Daily Dose for the Soul

Character Building

When you do meditations, you have to practice Yama and Niyama or character-building. Without it, there is a tendency to become worse. Why? After you have had a good meditation, you feel blissful, right? But after two to three days, have you not experienced getting angry or being in a bad mood? Meditating regularly is like being fertilised. Throw the fertiliser on the ground and whatever is in the ground – either good or bad seeds – will grow. Everything, whether vice or virtue, is magnified. Unless a person in the spiritual path practices character-building, he may tend to become worse.

When the virtues are highly developed, this means that the higher soul has greater connection or control over the incarnated soul and the body. This is the meaning of the statement that the Holy Spirit has descended and stayed. During prayer or meditation, the spiritual cord of some people becomes big. When they are working, it becomes much smaller. This means that the spiritual upliftment is temporary. When you do what you are supposed to do, the spiritual cord becomes bigger. Every time you refrain from unwholesome action, the connection with your higher soul increases. But every time you break the virtues, the connection becomes thinner.

A master one said that vices and weakness are like mud that keep you stuck when you are trying to climb the spiritual ladder. If you do not purify yourself, the mud hardens and you cannot go up anymore. You may even tend to go down. That is why it is very important to develop one’s character.

Reference : Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul. Master Choa Kok Sui

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  1. Smita Ray says:

    What is Choa kok Sui?

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    1. Garima says:

      Google him.


      1. Smita Ray says:

        I am sorry. Something went amiss. It should have been “who is Choa lol Sui?” 😄The post is very useful with respect to personal development. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. petoilin says:

    That’s amazing! I really connected with that. Not so much from an angry behaviour, but more of different recurrent behaviours that aggravate.

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