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Top Natural Healers You Should Know

An increasing number of people are becoming aware of health issues that affect them. The health patterns in our society have also changed over the years and people are living longer. As individuals take responsibility for their own health and being more proactive in ensuring their optimum wellbeing, there is a growing demand for natural herbal agents which they can benefit from as they have lesser side effects and are hence safe to use.

Here is a list of natural healing agents that you can find in your kitchen. Start the basics right here :

  1. Aloe Vera : It is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It helps in keeping the skin clear and hair dandruff free. It can be used a s face cleanser and a hair mask.
  2. Baking Soda : It deep cleans the scalp & skin. It also softens feet, helps in whitening of teeth and as a natural deodorant. It can rubbed under armpits. You can also mix it with water to make a scalp and face scrub.
  3. Turmeric : It burns toxins, cures acne, treats cough, cold and heals wound. It also woks as a anti-inflammatory, anti viral and antioxidant. You can use it in milk, tea, soup. You can also make a face mask for skin care.
  4. Garlic : It is an antiseptic & antibacterial. It also receives cough, cold and can work as an antioxidant. You can crush garlic and use it directly on wounds, sauce with vegetables and add to sauces.
  5. Ginger : It is an anti-inflammatory, receives bloating, headaches, menstrual cramps and nausea. You can make ginger tea, add a few slices to stir-fries, soup and salads.
  6. Honey : It improves digestion, lose weight and receive nausea. It also relieves sore throat,a cue cure, and promotes sleep. You can use it as a face cleanser, wash hair with it and add to warm water to help you sleep.
  7. Lemon : It is a good detoxifying agent, helps improve digestion, tighten skin around scars and remove dark spots. It also helps in relieve cough and sore throat. You can make lemon tea for cough, use the juice as a face toner for clear skin.
  8. Coconut : It promotes hair growth, clear skin, lightens stretch marks, soften feet, treat dry lips and cuticles. You can massage warm oil on skin, hair, lips, feet and nails. 
  9. Onion : It treats cough, relieves stomach ache and promotes hair growth. You can consume onion juice to receive cough. Use as a hair mask.
  10. Green Tea : It maintains body weight, boosts digestion, healthy skin and shiny hair. You can use it as a hair ride and face toner. Consume daily to improve health. 

Prevention of illness is also dependent upon the adequate elimination of waste products and toxins within the body. Herbs that can enhance the elimination function of the body include all the herbal laxatives which will work directly on the bowels. They vary in potency and are chosen carefully depending on the severity of the problem being treated.

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  1. I appreciate this …I have, for awhile, been utilizing all of the above except turmeric & green tea. If it weren’t for these healing agents I would literally NOT be here. My body was not willing to be sacrificed by ignorance of a proclaimed “healer/ARNP” I was directed to these things by own intuition to heal this body. Once well enough, I did some research & was amazed at what I found as the ‘facts’. Our body has a language all it’s own…. I am not sure why but turmeric hasn’t made it into my diet & I just don’t “on the daily” ingest green tea but it is a favorite. Careful of knockoffs & the manufacturers/ companies that offer the product.
    Thank you for allowing me to share
    Much Love

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    • Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us. Trust me you will and have inspired many to take care of their own health the natural way. It isn’t hard to come across various miracle health products claiming to revitalise your life. I too believe in going natural when it comes to my health even though by training I am a general physician. Thank you again for stopping you and sharing your story. Regards

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    • You are welcome. I am glad you liked it. Natural healing is also through energy. Natural healing is a multifaceted system of care, which is primarily gentle and non-invasive. Natural healers often speak of the subtle energy or aura, which emanates from the human body with layers of color. All of the colors combined form the auric field or the rainbow body. When a person is healthy and balanced, these colors are said to be clear and radiant. When a person is ill or out of balance, the colors may appear faded or dim.

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    • You are very welcome. Health is a lifestyle process. It is based in wellness care, instead of just illness treatment. The best news is that natural remedies work – often better than prescription drugs for many health conditions. Orthodox medicine focuses on crisis intervention and is less successful in treating chronic illness.


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