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Exercises For Neck Pain

Trying to avoid a pain in the neck? This common affliction can limit your daily activities if you don’t take steps to prevent it. Everyday life isn’t kind to our necks. You know that crick you get when you cradle the phone between your shoulder and ear? Or the strain you feel when you crane your neck to see your computer monitor?

Modern technology can be particularly unkind to our necks. This posture produces extreme neck flexion, which is okay for a little while, but over time, it creates a lot of pain and strain on your neck. Here are some of the simple exercises for avoiding that pain in the neck :

  • Baby Cobra : Being with lying face down on the floor with your legs extended behind you, keep your legs down and position your hands directly under your shoulders. Keep your chin tucked, looking down on the floor, then slowly take your hands off the ground and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Lower you upper body while staying in that position, then raise up and contract your glutes, do this motion 10 times.
  • Floor Cobra with External Rotation : Being by lying face down on the floor with your legs extended behind you. Keep your chin tucked and with your palms facing down and arms angles back so they form about 30-45 degree angle with the body. Keeping your chin tucked, looking down, lift legs off the ground by squeezing your glutes, then squeeze your shoulder blades together as you left the torso off the ground and rotate your thumbs so they are facing the ceiling,, repeat this motion 10 times.
  • Face Down with Scaption : Begin by lying face down on the floor with your legs extended behind you. Keep your chin tucked and straightened your arms in a V angle above your head with your palms facing down. Keeping your chin tucked, looking down, lift your legs off the ground by squeezing your glutes, raising your arms and torso off the ground with your palms in and thumbs up. Repeat this motion 10 times.
  • Upward Facing Dog : Begin by lying face down on the floor with your legs extended behind you. Place your hands alongside your body, apply pressure to the ground, and lift your torso off the ground. Make sure your shoulders are aligned right above your wrist. Open your chest to the ceiling and tilt your head back. Now, you are going to look to the left while you squeeze your right glute and press your right hp to the ground. Alternate sides for 10 repetitions.
  • Bird Dog : Start on your knees and hands directly below shoulders. Keep your spine in neutral position and look at the floor. Slowly extend your left leg behind you while reaching your right arm forward. keep core engaged, hips and shoulders square and make sure your lower back doesn’t arch. Slowly return to starting position and repeat with opposite arm and leg. Repeat 10 times.

Generally, neck pain is nothing to worry about. But if it’s occurring with other, more serious symptoms, such as radiating pain, weakness, or numbness of an arm or leg, make an appointment to see your doctor. “Other key things that might make one more concerned are having a fever or weight loss associated with your neck pain, or severe pain. You should let your doctor know about these symptoms

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    • I am glad you liked them. They are easy to do. If your neck is stiff or sore, you have lots of company. Neck pain is one of the most common types of pain among Americans. But as with any other part of your body, exercises and stretches can make the muscles in your neck stronger and more limber. Try these moves to loosen a tense neck, banish pain, and gain flexibility.

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    • Glad you liked these Sharon. When the neck and upper back muscles become weakened, the head sags forward and increased stress is placed on the cervical spine, which can lead to neck pain. Strengthening these muscles can help improve posture and get the head closer to neutral position (with the ears directly over the shoulders).


  1. oh wow! I feel like this post was posted just in time! I recently just started getting a really bad neck pain. Doctor said it was a neck sprain, but I honestly didn’t know how that happened! I will try some of these exercises out! Thanks for the info 🙂

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    • Your neck’s principal job is to support your head, and your head weighs a lot—about 10 to 12 pounds. You can handle the weight well when your head is slightly tilted back—a position that best distributes its weight over the spine. However, the average woman tilts her head forward slightly, which has the effect of putting more weight on the neck. A recent study calculated that flexing your head 15 degrees forward—a common position used to scan a cellphone, for instance—has the effect of magnifying its weight to 27 pounds. Lowering your head farther adds more effective weight. The more weight you put on your neck, the more likely you are to have neck pain.

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