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Mental Health – Daily Routine

Your poor, overwhelmed brain. In today’s multitasking, goal-oriented world, it operates at a ridiculously fast pace, bouncing tirelessly from one thought to another. This non-stop mental activity can be harmful to your mind and your body, but too few people know how to properly care for their mental muscle.

 Just as the right balance of fruits, veggies, grains, protein, and dairy helps fuel your body, this mix of activities helps bolster your brainpower. Do you get enough of them? Here are certain activities which you should incorporate in your daily life to keep your mental health on point :

  • Make sure your have time throughout day to practice self care. Schedule in some “me” time.
  • Spend time to really connect with colleagues or family members.
  • Engage in something which can boost your mental health e.g. exercise, volunteering.
  • Incorporate relaxation into your day. why not try some deep breathing?
  • Take time to observe and assess your feelings and emotions.
  • At the end of each day write down 3 good things you have achieved or are grateful for.
  • Plan some activities which are pleasurable and give you a sense of achievement.
  • If you experience negative thoughts write them down and challenge them.
  • Look after your physical self. Eat a balanced diet, take breaks and go for a walk.
  • If you are feeling low or anxious then don’t be afraid to talk to someone.

Well-being is associated with balance, understanding, acceptance and constant growth. Take Care.

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    • I am glad you liked it Luccia. Thank you. When it comes to staying mentally strong and healthy, the old adage applies: Prevention is the best medicine.
      In other words, the best way to think about staying mentally healthy isn’t, What can I do when something goes wrong? But instead, What can I do to prevent those things from occurring in the first place?


  1. Garima, You have mentioned in your other posts that you are a physician. Kudos to you for being a great one at that. All your posts are geared towards the person as a whole (physical, mental, emotional) and not just the physical aspects. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Beautiful post. I’ll take up writing things I’m grateful for each day. The other thing I find very useful is disconnecting from social media first thing in the morning, especially WhatsApp. It has a way of ruining my day before it even starts!

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  3. I can feel sometimes that overthinking can really harm my body and mental health. I really find spending “me-time” and walking, to be helpful. Thank you for the remninder!

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    • I agree with you Adnan. Overthinking is notoriously addicting. Don’t think of what can go wrong, but what can go right.
      In many cases, overthinking is caused by a single emotion: fear. When you focus on all the negative things that might happen, it’s easy to become paralyzed. Next time you sense that you starting to spiral in that direction, stop. Visualize all the things that can go right and keep those thoughts present and up front.

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