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How to Develop Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance literally means “clear vision,” the ability to see beyond the limitations and distortions of ordinary sensory perception. It refers to the psychic ability to gain information—or knowledge—about an object, person, place, event, situation, and even Deep Insight into Cosmic Realities.

As a psychic ability, this involves obtaining information by means other than the basic five physical senses, i.e. extra-sensory perception by means of the two senses beyond the five physical ones, and the ability to expand awareness or alter consciousness to “see” beyond the physical dimension. Here are a few ways you can develop clairvoyance :

  • Meditate – Meditation does oodles of good stuff, it raises your energetic vibe and connects you with your higher self. Both essential for clairvoyance.
  • Meet You Spiritual Guides – During meditation, ask your guides to show themselves to you. Ask their names, imagine their faces, and chat with them. Go with it and trust.
  • Visualise – Visualisation exercises will skyrocket your clairvoyance. Visualise your dream home or a picnic with your favourite person/celebrity.
  • Be With Nature – Mother Nature grounds and calms you and can totally help you develop clairvoyance. If you want the most bang for your buck, try meditation in nature.
  • Learn Symbols – Psychic images can be symbolic (i.e. dove can symbolise “wedding”) Work with your spirit guides and ask them to show you symbols. Write them down in a journal.
  • Practice Seeing Auras – Anyone can learn how to read auras. It’s simple.
  • Use Tarot – Get a tarot deck. Now, use your intuition to make your own meanings for the cards. Write down your impressions of each card and what it means to you.
  • Journal This – Write down the question > “How do I feel if I imagine my clairvoyance is blossoming?” Then tune into your heart and journal your answer. Let your pen flow free.
  • Open Your Third Eye Chakra – Relax. Set the intention of opening your third eye. Chant “Om” 5 times. When done, blow into your hands 5 times to ground yourself to the earth.
  • Use Crystals – Use an Amethyst, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Opal, Fluorite, Celestite, Moonstone, Tiger’s Eye, or Moldavite and place on your third eye as meditating, or make a crystal grid.
  • Set An Intention – Set the intention that you will receive clairvoyant images and messages through your dreams. Then, get ready by keeping a dream journal near your bed.

Clairvoyance is more than just a psychic ability. On the one side, it is the extension of “awareness” that adds dimension to all sensory perceptions, to all life experience, and to all divinatory practices. On the other side, it is the enlargement and alteration of consciousness to take us into the higher dimensions beyond the physical body and the physical realm.

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  1. Hi Garima, this post just came in time. I recently met a friend, now my client who happens to be a Tarot practitioner. We spoke on this and I wanted to know more about Clairvoyance and found your post in my mailbox 🙂
    Thank you so much for writing and sharing this.

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