Personality of a Great Boss

In the workplace, supervisors usually manage multiple employees, each with a different personality and behavioral construct. Individual differences may affect the expectations employees have of the boss. Facing these different personalities and expectations, managers often have to employ different personnel strategies to keep the workplace running efficiently.

Here are some characteristics you need to build in order to be a great boss or a better manager:

  • Think Positive – Understand the power of positive psychology, look into every situation as a learning opportunity.
  • Be Honest – Be honest, and tell your employees the truth, even if it hurts.
  • Delegate – Know when to leave your employees alone, resist the temptation to micromanage.
  • Communicate – So many problems in an organisation are the result of lack of communication.
  • Inspire – Inspire your employees to be as passionate about the company as you are.
  • Align The Team – Keep the entire team focused, and aligned towards one long term goal.
  • Balanced – People perform better at tasks when they’re able to balance work and life.
  • Give Credit – Giving the credit to your employees will boost their confidence.
  • Encourage Growth – Encourage your employees to grow, they will become more productive.
  • Praise – Show your appreciation, even for the small things that your employees do.
  • Mentor – Act more like a mentor than a boss. Instead of telling me what to do, show me.
  • Fair – Playing favourites will only demoralise the rest of the team.
  • Encourage Good Habits – Engaging and recognising your co-workers is a lot easier with the right tools. Employee engagement platforms use daily team building activities to create subtle, positive changes in the workplace. It helps both managers and employees build good habits, leading to a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment.

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