Health Not Improving? Know Why.

What is it that lets some people live to age 100 and beyond and we are still struggling to get our health back on track. There’s no need to have your DNA sequenced yet to determine what genes you carry. It won’t change what you need to do now. You have the power to change many things that influence your health and how long you live.What is it that lets some people live to age 100 and beyond and we are still struggling to get our health back on track.

Let’s look at top reasons why your health might not be improving

  • Wanting A Quick Fix – Getting healthy takes time and effort. It doesn’t have to be hard but it does require effort. Everyone seems to want a magic pill to make everything better but that’s not how your body works. Think of your aches and pains as warning flags or your body giving you signals and listen to it.
  • Your Body is Full of Toxins – Toxins seem to be everywhere, in our food, our water supply and in the air but are you giving yourself a break from all the chemicals? Packaged foods with preservatives and fumes from toilet bowl cleaners are all harmful to our system. Sometimes your body just needs a break so it can clean itself out.
  • Stress – When you are stressed, your body can’t tell the difference from a small stressor or a life-threatening event. It turns on the fight or flight nervous system and prepares for extreme circumstances. This changes the chemicals in your body and tells it to stops growth and repair, store fat and lowers your ability to make decisions.
  • Not Eating Real Food – Real food contains enzymes for our digestive tract and it nourishes our bodies. Real food lowers inflammation resulting in less pain, headaches and disease. It may be tempting to pop a pill or supplement and expect huge changes but real results come with real food.

Good nutrition, physical activity, and a healthy body weight are essential parts of a person’s overall health and well-being. Together, these can help decrease a person’s risk of developing serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. A healthful diet, regular physical activity, and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight also are paramount to managing health conditions so they do not worsen over time.

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  1. Manoj Mehra says:

    Nice post. Packaged food and fast food are also making people ill.

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    1. Yes they are. They are making the core weak.

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  2. Dragthepen says:

    Great post very informative.

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    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked it.


  3. Well said! Thanks for sharing;)

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    1. Thank you. I am glad you found it useful.

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  4. Wow! Thank you for this!

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    1. Most welcome. Which part of the blog did you like the most?

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      1. The 4 bulletpoints. They informed me of how to better take care of myself in a quick and easy fashion

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      2. Excellent. Glad you liked it. Gratitude.

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  5. Harsh R. says:

    Was one good read. Keep sharing more.

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    1. Will do. Glad you liked it.


  6. Crystal says:

    Be inspired. I just finished my 2nd book. Great post as always.

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    1. Thank you Crystal. Congratulations on finishing your second book. How can we get a copy?

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  7. YBP says:

    A Functional Doctor shared that it would be beneficial to avoid dairy and gluten to reduce inflammation. Your post was such a good reminder to truly protect and nurture our bodies ….. after all, it’s the only one we have. ❤️

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    1. I am glad you liked this post. It is very important to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t. After all we need this body for our passage on earth.

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      1. YBP says:

        You’ve got that right! Thanks for your powerful reminder. 😊❤️☀️

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  8. Many of One says:

    Your approach is calming and giving a sense of empowerment…beautiful discovery to have access to your page/thoughts/talk…..thank you for the time and effort you put in….a blessing indeed….

    After experiencing a pain my body could not contain…i realized the energy w/in. Kinda hard to not notice it then…..haha. Thankfully I had quite a few months in arrears of sitting in on satsang w/Mooji baba when I could. The value of meditation is very unrated….in the united states….thank you to ‘deep space’ internet….I was able to get through the course of events that unfolded for this body…..I’m done w/their ways of pills to save the day and solely rely on intelligence to get the proper food to help heal the damage they let go…..Thank you to spirituality too……. helping my emotional side of moods. Without those two I wouldn’t be here writing to you…..blessings even in the pain that still stays. I’m paying attention and learning each day.

    Thank you for allowing me to share.

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    1. Garima says:

      It always overwhelms me to see your journey. It is real, the innocence of the story is surreal. Thank you again for sharing your story.

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      1. Many of One says:

        I attribute the acceptance w/not much resistance [opposition is an infliction] is due to the fact I knew before I could enact in time to the crime of taking medication all the time…….[the unhealthy/abusive/neglectful existence being raising as a small child caused the great hindrance for me to not trust my inner strength]. It’s a blessing to be able to be accepted when I speak from my heart…..not just as art. What I fear is those who haven’t reached, prior to, meditation and a sound base [to put it a different way] in spirituality [commonality/communication] the suffering that will be emitted inevitably I’d rather not be part of that to continue….that harmful energy to continue to persist….can’t be healthy amongst all of it….not when they wear head dresses of whom your body does submit………oh, it’s a strange world we live ….thank you for your kindness and care always!!!

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      2. Garima says:

        Ah how I wish we could tap into the wonderful subconscious side of us and predict anything and everything. It will take patience and consistency but we all can reach there.

        In the meanwhile however science is also trying to tap into the subtle signs that your body gives you before the signs of disease are actually detected. Artificial intelligence could also use the way we look to help us predict future disease. New research suggests it can pick up on subtle differences in our faces that might be the hallmarks of disease.

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      3. Many of One says:

        Just as w/our four legged friends….if they were tuned in. haha…Yes, I do agree that technology is unbiased at best…..and never needs rest. I’ve always tried to walk a more holistic path…i’ve picked up my addictions at hand…even amongst the chaos I had lived…food seemed more precious than some of those who lived [slip]. I was limited in interaction until around 13 yrs of age. I went back to a quiet life when starting to raise two children [19 yrs old]….for the most part [according to this] Since my struggle for many years on medications….reeling from the abuse…..This is the first time I look upon other means to heal this being. Their way would have killed me if I hadn’t tried to read the results and blood work that day…..I felt the push of my body/intelligence demanding we don’t go down this way. It was unusual but I’m always game for good conversation. LOL…thank you for reading through my words & allowing me to be heard. uch Love Lady bugs….

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      4. Garima says:


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      5. Garima says:

        I look forward to hearing more from you everyday. Thank you.

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      6. Many of One says:

        Thank you sincerely!!! I had been humbled[?] in a way I can’t explain. I do know, I tried to convey to a woman who agreed to help further treat me after meeting her husband that day. I was coming undone by horrible care of an arnp not reading reports to compare…she saw my body in horrible despair……[that’s a challenging way to begin]…the energy I walked into the room with…..knocked anyone i came around over. I watched as they ebbed away. I didn’t understand what I was doing. I have very little knowledge still….but am willing. Yes, I hope to share more often. She was alert and I knew, when i looked into her eyes, she’d just have to ‘touch me’ to know the struggle this body was going through and not some self inflicted tragedy to ensue. She didn’t fully accept until I offered to please, take my hand as to say thank you….and her treatment i understand. She’s been a blessing but I know her hands are slightly tied….as the eye opens more wide…..least she threw me a life line. [blessings]

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