Benefits of Ketosis

For starters, it’s a vital evolutionary advantage.  Our brain can only function with glucose and ketones.  Since we can’t store more than about 24 hours’ worth of glucose, we would all die of hypoglycemia if ever forced to fast for more than a day.  Fortunately, our liver can take fat and select amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and turn them into ketones, first and foremost to feed our brains.  Hence, our body’s ability to produce ketones is required for basic survival.

Here are a few key benefits of ketosis :

  • Weight loss – The body is in a constant state of fat burning and ketosis increases satiety after eating.
  • Inflammation & Pain reduction – Body in ketosis required fewer reactive oxygen species to contribute to inflammation.
  • Cholesterol & Cardiovascular disease prevention – Ketosis cases decrease in LDL, the bad cholesterol, reduces risk fo cardiovascular disease.
  • Helps managing Type 2 Diabetes – Ketosis helps in reduction of blood glucose and insulin levels helps in becoming less insulin resistance.
  • Helps in Improved Brain Function – Ketosis constantly supplies ketones to the brain resulting in improved focus and decrease of brain fog.
  • Reduces Cravings and Hunger Pangs – Ketosis increases satiety from protein and fats. It reduces sugar cravings and hunger.
  • Brain & Neurodegenerative disease – Ketosis provides therapeutic benefits to patients with Alzheimer’s & multiple sclerosis. Traumatic brain injuries will also get therapeutic benefits.
  • Increases Energy for Endurance athletes – Ketosis increases the body’s ability to use ketones as energy, resulting in consistent energy throughout a low intensity workout.
  • PCOS – Women in polycystic ovary disease have shown positive results with reduced free testosterone and reduced fasting insulin.
  • Cancer Patients – Ketosis helps in decreasing the reactive oxygen species production which has been linked to cancer, A no sugar diet weakens cancer cells.

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  1. This was interesting as I have recently been in the valley of decision about whether this was safe or not. Thanks ‼️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Garima says:

      I am glad you found this post 🙂

      Ketosis occurs when people eat a low- or no-carb diet and molecules called ketones build up in their bloodstream. Low carbohydrate levels cause blood sugar levels to drop and the body begins breaking down fat to use as energy. However, many experts say ketosis itself is not necessarily harmful.


    1. Garima says:

      Nice. Outliers for sure


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