Daily Dose for the Soul


The state of our mind, our mental space, determines how we perceive the physical state around us. If you are happy even average food tastes sumptuous and if you are grumpy even the best food feels tasteless. We are willing to make a lot of compromises when we are happy. But what causes our happiness? What makes us feel light and full of life, and what makes us feel nothing is right even when there’ no change in our circumstances? The answer is our state of consciousness.

Fluctuations in consciousness bring about an immediate change in our emotions and thoughts. Unless we experience freedom at all three levels, our happiness will always be temporary and incomplete. Such transient state of happiness will repeatedly throw us back into thr throes of suffering.

Meditation is your way to silence the fluctuations in consciousness. To really feel, and put to use, your immense potential, you have to go beyond the incessant chattering of the mind. You have to clean the slate before you can inscribe your sacred existence on it. Meditation is the path – a systematic, methodical, scientific and artful path to reach that bliss and potential. You have milestones to guide you along the way and a set of practices to help you produce the right conditions for effective and definitive results.

Reference : A Million Thoughts. Om Swami

20 responses to “Daily Dose for the Soul”

    • Having an app guide you through your meditation can help you stay focused and reel you back in if your mind gets too busy. These tools can also be super-helpful for people who are new to meditation. It takes the pressure off a little bit. Meditation requires some level of cognition, and that can be distracting. If you think about the process, it almost forces you to think about it more than you want, and that can be discouraging.


    • Learning to meditate takes practice, and itโ€™s natural for your thoughts to wander at some point. But getting down on yourself when this happens will only work against your goals. Judging yourself puts you into a higher state of anxiety, making the process of meditating a lot less relaxing. If you start feeling critical of yourself when your thoughts wander your mind is going to act out.


    • Perception is merely a lens or mindset from which we view people, events, and things.โ€ In other words, we believe what we perceive to be accurate, and we create our own realities based on those perceptions. And although our perceptions feel very real, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily factual.

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  1. “If you are happy even average food tastes sumptuous and if you are grumpy even the best food feels tasteless.” – very well said. Think positive and positivity will come in a variety of ways. Thank you for sharing!

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    • Research is beginning to reveal that positive thinking is about much more than just being happy or displaying an upbeat attitude. Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life and help you build skills that last much longer than a smile.

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      • It is interesting you point that out because, in religious texts that Iโ€™m reading, positivity was affirmed to bring value in life decades ago, hundreds and thousands of years ago. It is great to see spirituality and research being aligned.

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  2. I appreciate the relation between consciousness and freedom. And meditation as a means. I’ve been preoccupied with meditation as its own purpose. And while that might not be wrong, meditation leading to something else I haven’t considered much if at all before. Thank you!

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