Comforting Words To Get You Through The Day


Don’t give up. The space you hold wouldn’t be the same without you. This is a truth. You are desperately needed.

I don’t think you’re numbing or hiding from your past when emotionally you need a break from it. Trust your heart’s timing. Trust.

You are not alone. You can do it. You are strong and you are capable. Be brave and be bold. You’re going to figure your life out. You don’t have to figure your life out now.

Rest up.

You are not broken even when you feel you’re breaking. You’re coming together, into all of who you’ve been made to be.

If you’re too hard on yourself, be more gentle. Start with, “I’m sorry.”

After all, you are a human being, and no human being has it all together. You are actually doing better than you believe.

I don’t know who you are, but I am very proud of you.

Above all, keep hope alive. Hope can be found everywhere.

You were able to find these words when you needed to.

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