Breakdowns Are Our Breakthroughs


This topic has been on the tip of my tongue all day because I’ve been fighting battles that I believe are preparing me for greatness. Obstacles that are shaping, teaching, and perfecting me for the job that God has for me.


To all my millennial warriors, I know you’re going through a battle in your life right now, and you’re wondering if you’ll make it. You’re up against people who irritate you and cause you to cry silently because of their insensitivity. You’re battling the demands of a job that pays little to nothing and being in an environment that can be overwhelming at times. You’re dealing with the loneliness that comes with being single, and you’re wondering when it’ll be your turn to fall in love. You’re struggling to find yourself in a world that tells you who you should be. You’re fighting feelings of envy that arise when you see others shining on social media, despite the fact that you’ve been working for years to have your own come up.

Millennial warriors

My dear Millennial, I know you’re always fighting. I want you to know that you are not alone in this, and that all of these breakdowns are preparations for your breakthrough, because character cannot be built by taking the easy road, and diamonds must go through the rough before they shine. Everything you want, desire, and yearn for is being prepared for you right now. But how can you be the person you want to be if you are still shaken by insensitive comments, haters, low self-esteem, bitterness, envy, or negative thoughts and emotions?

Low self esteem

How can you be that person when everything shakes you to your core? Whether you believe in God or a higher power, whatever is out there wants you to be ready for every single obstacle you will face in your life because there is a strength and character shift that must occur before you can get there. So, despite your doubts and toil, please DO NOT give up on yourself today.

Do not give up

Life will throw bad days at you, people will try to bring you down, you will cry, and you will want to give up, but quitting is not an option because you are closer to your breakthrough than you think. Because in life, the small things pale in comparison to the big picture, and the big picture is your purpose. So, keep in mind that you are stronger than the winds that threaten to shake you, rile you up, and eventually cause you to collapse.

You are bigger.

So I’m not sure who this is for. I’m not sure who went through a breakup today, who struggled with suicidal thoughts, who is considering dropping out of school, who is tired of being tired, and who is looking for answers in this thing we call life. I’m not sure who is on the verge of quitting before the race has even begun.

Verge of Quitting

But one thing is certain: a few setbacks will not prevent you from rising again, because you have what it takes to get through this moment, this day, this week, this year, and this life. You might not feel this way every day, and as adults, we don’t always have someone to remind us. As a result, I’ll be the one to remind you today: Rise, dear.

Rise Up

Shine as you are and never doubt that there is a great plan beyond all of your difficulties. Because nothing, and I mean nothing, can stop your breakthrough, even if you have some breakdowns.

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  1. I stumbled upon this mesmerizing piece of yours. Nothing is really over, indeed, until the moment we stop trying to meet our dreams. I drew inspiration from this 🙂 Keep writing

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for such kind word, Kelvin. We need to wait for our time. Don’t give up.


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