Unlock Your Potential: A Guide to Being Thankful for What You Have

In life, we often succeed in doing the seemingly impossible, but we never stop to think back on our progress or to be grateful for what we’ve accomplished. Why, therefore, is this significant?

You may have heard of the hedonic treadmill, which we frequently find ourselves on without even realising it. We begin to think that it’s time for an upgrade when someone close to us purchases a new phone. We start noticing problems with our kitchen once they refurbish theirs. Though if it’s just how we’re wired, living in this state is unhealthy. We are prone to get ungrateful for all of our blessings when we are in this state. How then may this be fixed?


Yes, that is correct. Symbols. Symbols are everywhere around us, and they frequently have deeper meanings. Regardless of whether that meaning is religious, spiritual, or positive, we instantly know the symbol and feel a connection to it.

Photo by Aman Jakhar on Pexels.com

Consider the Nike logo, which has come to represent achievement thanks to its catchy motto. The phrase “Just Do It” is a motivating proclamation that can inspire you through those challenging times we all encounter.

The images of the Buddha’s head, stupa, or hands have come to represent Buddhism and are thought to arouse strong feelings of peace, love, and harmony.

Photo by Sunera Wekadapola on Pexels.com

Starting with taking a break from our hyperconnected lives to express gratitude, you can then take some time to congratulate yourself. By doing this, we can thank those who have supported us and take time to consider what it took to get there in the first place. Being at ease with yourself, being aware of your emotions, and not letting the pursuit of the objective sap the joy of the journey are all part of taking a pause. No matter where you are on your journey, you may stop for a moment to be grateful for something. Watches may be both a timepiece and a potent symbol. Being the best version of yourself allows you to celebrate your life’s accomplishments.

What are you thankful for?

I first published this on my Medium blog.


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