Characteristics of a Good Manager

Finding a good manager is a rarity. If you know one or are lucky enough to work for one, watch carefully to see these characteristics in their practice and character.

Here are a few characteristics of a good manager :

  • Foster Good Relations – Being able to handle a multitude of people and personalities is at the crux of being a good project manager. A strong project manager knows when to bite his tongue, give feedback and when to treat everyone to pizzas.
  • Inspire – Be sure to lead by example. When you work in a certain way, it motivates those around you to perform at the same level.
  • Anticipate Needs – It is the project managers responsibility to make sure people have what they need to bring out the best in them. Nip possible issues in the bud.
  • Be Driven – Quality results require quality input. A good project manager does what it takes to ensure that things are done, done well and done on time.
  • Anticipate Problems – Think in 3s. 3 steps, 3 days, 3 weeks into the future and foresee problems that might turn up and then avoid or divert them.
  • Minimise Meetings – Devote more time to “doing” and less time to “talking about doing”. Trust that your team is capable and do not micromanage.
  • Delegate Firmly – Being a good delegator required you to be aware of those around you and so give the right task to the right person. Test people’s strengths and allow them to grow by taking action.
  • Goes with the Plan – Good project managers know that planning is required for everything and even if the plan isn’t followed precisely, it is still important to have something to fall back on.
  • Focus on Solutions – Being solutions oriented requires that you do not waste time playing the blame game but actually solving the problems at hand. Be positive and get things done.
  • Don’t complain – Use positive language to deal with tough situations and try to move forward at all times. Take the past as a lesson that will improve future outcomes.

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  1. cynthiahm says:

    A great deal can be learned from observing successful people. This is a great list of qualities for managers. Thank you!

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    1. GS says:

      Yes I agree with a 100% Cynthia. We can learn something from every kind of person, but incredibly, there’s a tendency to only look at those who are at our same level. Perhaps, it’s because they’re the ones who least challenge us to be and do better. However, the biggest opportunities lie in those who are either worse or better off than we are. Looking at those who are worse off than we are can challenge us to help them, whereas looking at those who are better off may challenge us to help ourselves.

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  2. Rambler says:

    I think one of characteristics of a good manager, is her/his ability to assume responsibility and not just ask for it. I think that is something that would build trust in me for her/him and in turn make me contribute.

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    1. GS says:

      I agree with you a 100%. It’s not about you. It’s about everyone else. In the throes of corporate or organizational competitiveness, it can be tempting to diminish or obfuscate your involvement, to “cover your ass” — but it doesn’t end well. It may buy you some time this go around, but it won’t get you through the next fire drill, or the one after that. People will remember how you behaved.

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  3. One more aspect of a good manager is the ability to take his or her decisions post listening to others opinion and not blindly follow one side without knowing the other side of the picture. Also manager should trust each and every members of the team and not only the subject matter experts. What are your thoughts of tackling those managers who are not in these characteristics of good mentioned in this post.

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    1. GS says:

      Yes, Self-confidence is necessary for leaders to take risks and accomplish high goals. Leadership involves influencing others and self-confidence allows the leader to feel assured that his or her attempts to influence are appropriate and right.


  4. James L says:

    Think another attribute of a good manager is someone who can adjust to different personality types.

    The social intelligence to recognise the difference between someone who ‘just wants to get on with the job’ to someone who views work more of a social experience, can make a world of difference.


    1. GS says:

      Those same leaders likely were skilled at interactions with others, able to present themselves well and powerfully influence their team. What those leaders have is social intelligence, an essential skill for being an effective leader. Social intelligence means more than just being a caring person.

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