Affirmations For Success

The mental law of correspondence says that our  outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  By  focusing on the traits and characteristics we would like to have, we begin immediately to attract them  into our life. Affirmations are a great way to keep  our minds focused and our thoughts positive. As Claude Bristol says, “It’s the repetition of affirmations  that leads to belief.  And once that belief becomes a  deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Here are certain affirmations for boosting your confidence.

  1. My dreams are happening now.
  2. Opportunities comes easily to me.
  3. I excel in everything I do.
  4. I love a positive life.
  5. I only attract the best situations.
  6. I choose happiness and abundance.
  7. I can reach any goal.
  8. Success is always knocking at my door, I must simply open up to it.
  9. I have the courage I need to succeed.
  10. I accomplish anything I set my mind to.
  11. I have amazing determination.
  12. I never give up.
  13. I am rich in relationships, wealth and love.
  14. I have all I need to succeed.
  15. I am ready to accept my dreams as reality.
  16. I am confident of my abilities.
  17. Today is going to be my best day.
  18. I believe I am worthy of my desires and dreams. 

Have a positive and successful week ahead. 


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    • Oh wonderful. It is a good idea to talk to your children about using affirmations so they understand what they are for and how they work. Keep it fun and encouraging. “Affirmations teach you new and positive ways of thinking. They can help you believe in yourself, feel happy and help you to feel better when you are angry or sad.

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  1. I do feel the need to add a little touch of reality to your post here. I’m sure that most people reading these affirmations would feel the lie. Clearly “My dreams are happening now” would be a lie if dreams weren’t happening now. As with all 18 affirmations they are simply untrue. As for Claude Bristol that book is so old it has been superseded many times over. And when it comes to chicken soap I much prefer Mulligatawny. If you feel harmed by my negativity here you could always say “I live in a magical imaginary wonderland where the world is beautiful and there is no suffering” twenty times and I’m sure all will be well. Happy Sunday! א

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    • We are all entitled to have our opinions. I am very grateful for your narrative on reality. Our reality is a result of the thoughts we have chronically thought in the past. And it is with that belief I present these affirmations to the world. We are all here to enjoy our present (even though we may not have things we want) and build a healthy wealthy further. This is my intention behind writing my blogs and for myself, my near and dear ones and now my blogging community. Happy Sunday

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      • Good for you! Keep it up, success awaits you and all you love. I do believe that when we open our eyes – and extend our family – we see the benefit of keeping a good grip on the reality we’re all currently facing. It is important to continue writing and refine what we say in order to include and genuinely help as many people as we can. The social divide widens when we only pander to the fortunate.

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    • You might consider affirmations to be unrealistic “wishful thinking.” But try looking at positive affirmations this way: many of us do repetitive exercises to improve our physical health, and affirmations are like exercises for our mind and outlook. These positive mental repetitions can reprogram our thinking patterns so that, over time, we begin to think – and act – differently.

      For example, evidence suggests that affirmations can help you to perform better at work. According to researchers, spending just a few minutes thinking about your best qualities before a high-pressure meeting – a performance review, for example – can calm your nerves, increase your confidence, and improve your chances of a successful outcome.


  2. Very Good Post. I must tell you my inspiration. A few weeks ago, I was attempting to write a poem for a friend. However that poem never happened but I accidentally started writing a book. That’s my inspiration.

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  3. This is a great list. I struggle with negative self-talk at times, and this reminds me that the world will only see as I project myself to it. Thank you!

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    • Life is neither fair nor unfair. It merely provides confirmation of your thoughts as the user and experiencer.
      I enjoy author Michael Neill’s perspective in, The Space Within: Finding Your Way Back Home, “Since our experience of life is really an experience of Thought, the more we have on our mind, the more complicated everything seems, and the more the aperture of our consciousness tends to contract. Before we know it, all we can see when we look out into the world is our own thinking reflected back to us in the fun-house mirror of our own self-consciousness.”

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    • When practicing affirmations, choose one or two to focus on daily for several weeks. Say the affirmation out loud in a confident voice several times a day and before you go to bed. To add more power to the positive affirmation, write it down as you speak it. I am glad you liked them.

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  4. Thank you for being an ambassador for positive thinking! Those of us who strive to provide hope and encouragement will continue to share our messages in order to help a world filled with fear and despondence.

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    • Thank you. Researchers are finding more and more evidence pointing to the many benefits of optimism and positive thinking.
      Such findings suggest that not only are positive thinkers healthier and less stressed, they also have greater overall well-being. According to positive psychology researcher Suzanne Segerstrom, “Setbacks are inherent to almost every worthwhile human activity, and a number of studies show that optimists are in general both psychologically and physiologically healthier.”


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