Anxiety – Know It’s Symptoms

Anxiety disorders are common in people of all ages. They can range in severity from mild to debilitating. Thankfully, there is help available for those who suffer from anxiety disorders so they can lead healthy, happy lives. Signs and symptoms of anxiety are very subtle. I have listed here some of the commonly occurring symptoms which can be easily mistaken to be nothing or anything else but anxiety. Here is a list:

  1. Shortness of Breath – Feeling so anxious causes inability to relax or control breathing.
  2. Muscle Tension – Panic attacks cause muscles to tighten in the neck, shoulders,s and sometimes the jaw tightens.
  3. Mind Suddenly Blanks – Inability yo shirt thoughts and mind shuts due to overwhelm and stress.
  4. Frequently Feeling on Edge – Feeling jumpy, shaky or physically trembling. Constant feeling of potential danger that must be avoided. 
  5. Heart Pounding – Worry, stress, fear and shortness of breath can accelerate heart rate.
  6. High Blood Pressure – Due to unsettled states, blood pressure can raise to dangerous levels.
  7. Excessive Sweating – Results from nervousness or panic.
  8. Insomnia – Inability to sleep when stress creates a continuous loop of racing thoughts.
  9. Upset Stomach – Persistent nauseous feeling.
  10. Dizziness – Panic to the point of almost passing out.
  11. Loss of Appetite – Food is not appealing, sometimes gagging occurs when eating.
  12. Weak Limbs – Feeling of weakness throughout the body can occur when exhausted from worrying.
  13. Panic Attacks – Sudden feeling that something terrible is going to happen.
  14. Nervousness Around People – Overly critical of oneself in social situations. Swelling on future events and what was said long after the event.
  15. Frequent Bathroom Breaks – Nervousness can upset the bowels and cause uncontrollable bathroom visits. 
  16. Heart Palpitations – Feeling the heart race, flutter, add or skip a beat. 
  17. Compulsive Behaviour – Constantly biting nails, scratching scalp, or other abnormal behaviours due to anxiety. 
  18. Chest Pain – Many who experience a panic attack for the first time believe they are experiencing a heart attack.
  19. Restlessness – Inability to sit still and must be on the move.
  20. Migraines – Anxiety increases blood flow and blood flowing to the brain causes severe head pain.
  21. Uncontrollable Speech – Speaking quickly and without thinking. Stuttering and feeling tongue-twisted are common. 
  22. Itchy Skin – Body reacts to stress by producing an itchy rash or hives.
  23. Hot or Cold Flashes – When your body is in an upset state, the temperature can waver and change rapidly.
  24. Muscle Spasm – Nervous system behaves irregularly and causes muscles to twitch.
  25. Constantly catching a Cold or the Flu – Weakened immune system due to stress causes the body to be susceptible to illness. 

If you think that you are, or a loved one is, suffering from an anxiety disorder, you should not wait to get help.

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  1. Pratik Sinha says:

    Agreed with every point. Well written

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    1. About 40 million adults deal with an anxiety disorder at any given time, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Of this approximately 18 percent of the population, some fall into this category of “high functioning”—essentially silent anxiety hidden behind a smile.

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      1. Pratik Sinha says:

        Last line, on anxiety hidden behind a smile. Well on point. Agreed with you. Anxiety has to dealt away, life is worth, shouldn’t make it worthless.

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  2. Matthew G says:

    Thought seasonal anxiety would be a great topic to elaborate about. Obviously, clinical anxiety has more intense signs, easier to diagnose than the one coming every now and then, though this is the reason why it makes treatment so tricky. The post is awesome! Kinda inspired to write a little bit out of my own experiences with anxiety!

    An enjoyable thing to read with a cup of coffee!

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    1. What others might not know, and what you would never share, is that beneath the surface of a seemingly perfect exterior, you’re fighting a constant churn of anxiety. It may have been nervous energy, fear of failure, and fear of disappointing others that drove you to success. Though you desperately need a day off work to get yourself together, you’re often too afraid to call in sick. Nobody would ever believe something was wrong, because you always portrayed yourself as being fine.

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      1. Matthew G says:

        I’m prone to melancholy and so my judgement of a situation, as well as behaviour made off previous experiences are a little bit different than expected. I have learned to be upfront opened with myself and people when it comes to anxiety or uncomfortable feeling, for example, normally I would leave the scene to collect myself, but now it is the matter of deep breathing for a few seconds – sort of instant meditation – even though I’m surrounded by people. When my hands are shaky, I always imagine a balance line with extremes on both ends and when closing my eyes. I’m deliberately trying to adjust myself into balance rather than falling into a polarised end. And also, I’m so easy to read when my mood shifts into a more sarcastic or unhappy state, nonetheless knowing limitations coming off my own personality, which in the long term makes it natural to the breakthrough out of comfort zone. I’m not hiding my anxiety really, at my best this is a non-existent bother, at my worst, it comes back to life.

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      2. Anxiety sucks… literally. I don’t like the word “sucks,” and would rather use “stinks,” but sucks is more appropriate. I use “sucks” because anxiety literally sucks the life out of me sometimes. For me, I think I struggle because it’s such a paradox to the real me — the me when I’m healthy and in a better place. I’m an optimist, energetic and strong.

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      3. Matthew G says:

        It definitely sucks the life out of us and the word itself is appropriate though. Same goes for me, but I have realised that it causes my frustration to rise above acceptable standards. I hate being in this state and so I have to fight my way out of this because this is the only chance for a change. Well, we’re sensitive and self-aware, I do like my feminine side – finally accepted its existence – and if this the price, then I’ll pay it.

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  3. I’ve started working on dealing with my nerves when it comes to being put into situations I consider uncomfortable. It’s not anxiety but it’s something I want to work on and get rid of. I think it comes from being overly critical towards myself.

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    1. You could be on the edge awaiting the outcome of something. Uncertainty isn’t anyone’s friend, Kristina. Take a deep breath and come back to the present. You can’t possibly waste your time worrying about something that isn’t in your control. Let trust and surrender be your magic words. Watch the old wounds and traumas that are resurfacing at this point. The time to free yourself from the vicious cycle is now.

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      1. Thank you for this.

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      2. Anytime. It’s all about changing our energy by changing our thoughts.

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      3. I so believe in that!

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  4. missnasra says:

    Thank you for sharing, it feels just like that


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